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Address: Shop 2016, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central. 


Previously ‘Rei Sushi’ and  one of the first eateries to open when IFC opened its doors to the public 16 years ago, its quality of sushi and sashimi have just gotten better. Slowly increasing its variety of appetizers and hot delicacies alongside sushi and sashimi, its menu now caters to a wider audience.

This has been one of my regular places for Japanese food. Conveniently located at level 2 of the airport express section, it serves both travellers and shoppers well. Sushi Sei offers affordable lunch sets at the HK$250-350 range, including selections of cooked dishes, sushi and sashimi bowls. Dinner is a bit more pricey, at about HK$500 – 1000 depending on your appetite.

Since its relaunch, I’ve been back twice and sampled the following dishes;

Sashimi platters: O-toro (premium tuna belly), Japanese conch, Suzuki (Japanese Sea bass), Tai (Seabream), Sanma (Pacific saury). In picture 2: Bonito shrimp & roe, Striped Jack fish and Sea bream. 

 sashimi1 sashimi2

Extremely fresh fish and seafood, sliced with skill and precision. Beautifully presented on the plate, it just makes your mouth water when presented. The conch was crunchy and none of the sashimi were fishy. The Bonito Shrimp was a very good size and roe very crunchy. The O-toro was not too fatty nor had any chewy veins (extremely unpleasant), a great treat. Overall, a delicious plate of Sashimi.


Fatty Tuna maki roll with sesame and spring onions

Sushi Sei prides itself for sushi and this maki roll certainly does not disappoint. Lovely grains of rice with slight stickiness and fresh luxurious tuna. Perfect when mixed in with sesame and spring onions. A good, fresh roll.

fishliver anago

Japanese Monk fish/Angler fish liver and Anago eel sushi

You might think ewww when you see fish liver, but don’t be scared. This monk fish liver is extremely fresh not fishy. Soft and smooth, it has a slight sweetness and pairs well with a sprinkle of spring onions. The Anago sushi is one of my all time favourites. Melt in your mouth goodness with a slight char flavour and sweetness from the sauce, just heavenly! The sushi rice was just right, not too sticky or sour from the vinegar. You can still make out the grains of rice.

tofu2 uniseaweed

Fresh Handmade Kyoto-style tofu and Tempura Uni/sea urchin parcels with seaweed

The tofu was fresh and silky smooth, just like firm custard. It has the quality and texture you look for in good tofu. The Uni parcels had a very light batter and generous filling, though the seaweed made the roll a bit soft. Tasty but could be better. Gonpachi and Inakaya’s Uni shiso fritters, I felt, was better.


Beef and Foie gras croquette

Creamy inside and crispy outside with a sweet and savoury sauce on top, this is a great dish for both adults and kids. The foie gras was a bit lost amongst the beef and potato, but still a very tasty dish.

tunaskewer2 chawamushi

Fatty Tuna (O-toro) & Spring onion skewer and Chawanmushi: steamed japanese egg custard 

O-toro skewers were again divine, paired with wasabi and onion to cut the oiliness of the tuna. There is also a slight drizzle of lemon that enhanced that mouth-melting tuna. The Chawanmushi or steamed custard had a hint of yuzu and a clear bonito broth on top. It was a light and smooth custard, with shrimp and ginko nut hidden inside. The shiso also added unique flavour.

Peach Sorbet
Peach Sorbet

Great presentation and not too sweet. A good way to finish off the meal.


Great ambience and food, followed by excellent service; this is a prime spot for Japanese food lovers. Highly recommend for lunch and dinners.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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