Cute modern Dim Sum @ Tang’s Cuisine 唐宮壹號

Address: 8/F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai


Getting less attention than its recently opened sister restaurant “Social Place” in central, Tang’s Cuisine, I can assure you is just as good!

Opened by restaurant group Tang Palace, Tang’s sports a modest menu and a modern, sleek design. It’s menu is similar to that of Social Place, with innovative dim sum dishes like the deep-fried roast goose pie and mushroom buns! They also serve the $38 roast pigeon that is all the talk around town!

What we ate:


The Infamous $38 Roasted Pigeon (必食金獎乳鴿)

  • Very tasty and crispy Pigeons that you can’t believe only costs $38!
  • Baby pigeons are tender and juicy, without being too salty.
  • An addictive snack and great start to a meal!

siumai chasiubun

Steamed Pork Dumplings with Caviar 黑魚子醬燒賣

  • Caviar didn’t add much to the Siu Mai and the pork filling just tasted flat.
  • Addition of prawns can freshen up the dish.

Barbecue Pork Buns 蠔皇叉燒包

  • Great fluffy buns but Cha Siu filling was overly salty.
  • Good quality and meaty Cha Siu but was overpowered by the salty oyster sauce.
  • Disappointing.




Honey Cha Siu Rice rolls 蜜味叉燒腸

  • Rice rolls were too thick, but Cha Siu had good flavor, though a bit dry.
  • Could do with more marinade on the Cha Siu. The standard cha siu rolls at Tang’s may be better.







Yuzu Prawn Dumplings 柚子蝦餃

  • Yum!
  • Big shrimp pieces paired with mint that adds freshness.
  • Slightly sweeter than the normal ‘Ha Gau’ or prawn dumplings.
  • Fun dish for kids, tourists and those who enjoy something different!



beef lotusrice

Steamed Beef Balls with Bean Curd Sheets 山竹牛肉球

  • Bouncy and juicy Beef Balls that is herby and not too salty.
  • Slight crunch from water chestnut in the filling.

Glutinous Rice with Black Truffle wrapped with Lotus Leaves 黑松露珍珠雞

  • Perfect ratio of rice and filling, with tasty pork and salted egg inside.
  • Lacking the truffle flavor but still a good dish!


Black Truffle Mushroom Buns 黑松露蘑菇包

mushroombun2 mushbun3

  • Not only looks good but tastes amazing!
  • lightly dusted with cocoa powder on the outside, these realistic mushroom (buns) are generously filled with a meaty mushroom filling.
  • Pillow like Buns with sweet and salty mushroom gravy and filling.
  • Great fusion style Dim Sum!




Great price for quality and innovative dim sum that is now growing in popularity in Hong Kong! High recommend Tang’s Cuisine, and definitely need to be back to try their dinner menu!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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