Tonkotsu @神虎 Kamitora Ramen

Address: 23 Amoy St, Wan Chai 


Ramen shops are all over Hong Kong, with everyone claiming to have the best soup base or noodle. So who Is the best? Who are the Ramen greats of Hong Kong? Which ones are the most authentic?

Here begins my Ramen journey at Kamitora Ramen of Amoy Street.

interior counter

Kamitora originates from Osaka and delivers Hakata style Pork bone broth or Tonkotsu ramen. Translated as ‘God tiger’ from Japanese and inspired by Osaka’s own baseball team, Hanshin Tigers, its broth is made fresh daily with a selection of 5 classic flavors. God of Tora, Kamitora Special (with all toppings), Black Tora (with black sesame oil), Red Tora (Spicy) and White Tora (original without egg). Ebi Tora was later added to the menu due to popular demand.


Queues are often seen where you are given a menu sheet for customizing your Ramen. Thickness, chewiness of noodles, types of toppings and amount of oil or toppings can be added to your liking. Personalizing the Ramen experience.



Kamitora Special with all the toppings $125

  • Tonkotsu was not too thick or oily. Creamy with good pork flavour, and a generous amount of toppings. Definitely worth the $125 but the broth could have been more intense.

ebiramen dumplings

Ebi Tora $88

  • A nice change to the original Tonkotsu. Shrimp taste was very strong and had sakura shrimp sprinkled on top. The broth was slightly greasy, though not too salty.
  • Could have done with a few more unique toppings besides the normal cha siu ad vegetables.

Dumplings $38

  • Dumplings were mediocre. Lacking filling and had more ginger and spring onion than pork, this was similar to frozen dumplings. The wrappers were also very thick.
  • Not worth ordering


Kamitora has received many great reviews since its debut last year, and still has queues outside. Its ramen, for the hype, is mediocre. Price is fair and fitting with the rest of Hong Kong’s plentiful Ramen shops. Though slightly better than chains such as Ippudo, this was certainly not the best ramen you can find in Hong Kong.

Let the Ramen journey continue! Share you thoughts on Kamitora here! What are your favourites? Do you have any recommendations?

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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