Poke bowl Wars- Pololi vs. The Poke Co.




  • 305 – 313 Queen’s Road Central
  • 35 – 39 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • Ground Floor, 4 Swatow Street, Wanchai

thai-california thai-and-spicy-salmon

Starting as pop-up restaurants around Hong Kong since 2013, this original Hawaiian poke stop now includes 3 branches across the island. Their flavors and menu draw elements from traditional Hawaiian flavors, serving us signature flavors tailored to the Asian palette. Hawaiian cuisine often embodies Asian fusion, making Pololi fit right at home amongst the many hipster and healthier lifestyle Kongers sport today!

The Poke Co.

Website: thepokeco.asia

Address: Shop 2, Landale Street, Wan Chai

lomi-lomi-salmon korean-bowl


Recent addition to Landale Street and new competition for Pololi  is The Poke Co. They too, claim to provide Hawaiian inspired Sashimi Bowls with Asian flavors. Chic , modern decorations and high chairs dominate this new space, serving seemingly (at first glance) larger portions. The Poke Co. also supports environmental awareness, where all ingredients,  utensils and dish-ware used are either sustainable or recyclable.

So what is the difference between the 2? Which one is better?

Both Poke Joints offer original presentation and flavors, each with their own perks. Pololi, the cheaper one of the 2, follows a more understated and homely approach. Though, if you want variety, Pololi pretty much sticks to the same Signature flavors and rice/salad combinations. Their Signature Creamy Sesame dressing is still my favorite, even with the array of sauces offered at  The Poke Co., which definitely makes Pololi my top choice.

For those who like variety and have specific dietary requirements, or simply like the option for customization, The Poke Co. may be a better option. Vegan and non-fish option are also available here. They pay more attention to packaging, using a clear plastic bowl to hold their beautifully prepared Poke Bowls. At first glance, its seems they serve more fish than Pololi, in fact their larger container deceives you. The amount of quinoa and salad is definitely less, though you get additional toppings like Nori chips and seaweed with certain flavors.

I would recommend forking out for the ‘Large’ size bowl at The Poke Co., to keep you going or the rest of the day!

Both Poke Joints have their merits and flaws, though both serve excellent quality fish and interesting flavors.


The Poke Co.

Flavor and Variety (Menu)

Signature 8 Flavors & Specials paired with brown rice and salad

7 choices, each with multiple toppings


Combo of 2 available flavors/ White or brown rice, salad

Protein, veggie option, dressing and toppings

Portion size


Small / Large

Service and efficiency

Fast, Friendly service

Fast, Friendly service

Price Point

HKD $90

HKD $90/ $120 (Large)


Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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