Yum Cha- Hipster Dim Sum

Address: 2/F, Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Rd Central


Boasting to be the “Best Chinese Restaurant” in Hong Kong and part of the same group as popular sister restaurant Social Place, Yum Cha has been the goto place for quirky dim sum and fusion dishes.

A very bold statement for the headline of Yum Cha’s website. So are they truly the best? According to the Michelin Star system, a good restaurant has to embody great and innovative cooking, as well as exceptional service. Though not a Michelin Star eatery, Yum Cha’s innovative menu is certainly up there. A great selection of both steamed and fried dumplings, as well as à la carte dishes. The actual taste of the food is however, not that consistent. Dim Sum was great for the kids, with piggy and dog shaped buns, but was nothing spectacular in taste in comparison to most Dim Sum restaurants.

Service was rushed, and at times rude. Having to really catch the attention of Yum Cha’s staff for ordering, with them not seeming particularly interested in helping customers.

Is it the best Dim Sum I’ve ever tried, No. Was it a fun experience, Yes. Lunchtime maybe also be a better time to go, as Yum Cha has a larger selection of steamed Dim Sum.

Overall, Yum Cha can be a good place for visitors and kids, but certainly will not become one of my favorites.

cha-siu-bun  custard-bun

BBQ Piggy Buns

  • Cute presentation with Chinese Barbecue pork filling.
  • Buns were soft and tasty, filling though tasted good, could have been more generous.

Hot Custard Buns

  • Best dish of the evening.
  • Soft buns with a slight salty egg custard that wasn’t too rich.

pineapple-cake fungus

Baked Crispy Pineapple Puffs

  • Interesting presentation that made it very difficult to retrieve the puffs.
  • Borrowed from the traditional Singaporean Pineapple puffs, this was more like a cookie than dim sum.
  • Was OK.

Pickled Black Fungus and Lily Bulbs

  • Wasabi dressing was over powering.
  • Crunchy fungus, otherwise very pedestrian. Can be found in most Chinese restaurants.

spicy-chicken squid

Spicy Peanut Chicken

  • Generous on Chicken, sprinkled with peanuts and baste in a Sichuan Spicy vinaigrette.
  • Numbing Chilli sensation and tender Chicken.
  • Not bad.

Salt Pepper Squid

  • Crispy and Peppery batter on squid tentacles.
  • Tentacles though, were too soft and slippery.

tofu veg

1000 Years Duck Egg & Silken Tofu

  • Thinly cut silken tofu served with a creamy sesame dressing and thousand year duck eggs in the middle.
  • Duck eggs were minced and made it very difficult to eat.
  • Tasty but execution is a miss.

Dragon Beard Kale

  • Simply, steamed vegetables with lily bulbs.
  • Not bad but again, nothing spectacular.

fried-rice chicken

Shrimp and Fish Fried Rice

  • Great addition of Sakura Shrimps and Salmon Roe, to add a hint of crunchiness to the fried rice.
  • Could have done with more seasoning of pepper and spices to elevate the dish.

Sticky Honey Balsamic Wings

  • Chunks of Pineapple were unnecessary and too big to eat.
  • Wings were made into drumsticks for easy eating and coated in a sticky, tangy glaze.
  • Good dish for Children, but nothing spectacular.
  • A play on the traditional sweet and sour pork.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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