Speciality Hotpot Private Kitchen @Megan’s Kitchen 美味廚

Address:  5/F Lucky Centre, 165 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai


Winter is approaching, meaning one of the most popular activities will be hitting Hong Kong by storm – Hot Pot! Yes, we Kongers also Hotpot during the summer, while blasting aircon (yes very contradictory), but what can beat that warm and fussy feeling when you gather round eating food together, from a boiling pot!?

Hot Pot, as one of the many traditions, has allowed dozens of similar restaurants to pop -up around town. Whether you prefer the all-you-can-eat versions (to save that extra penny for a dessert later) or the more luxurious speciality hotpot joints, there is bound to be one for you.

Megan’s Kitchen, though won’t break the bank, is definitely one of the higher end Hot Pot places. Serving premium quality ingredients and sporting friendly, yet professional service. Megan’s Kitchen is known for their innovative menu, with funky soup bases like Tom Yum Koong Cappuccino and Sichuan Chilli & Escargot, you will never get bored! Their ingredient offering is just as interesting and fun! Peking duck dumplings, Rainbow Cuttlefish balls and cheese or garlic stuffed balls, are just a few amongst their exotic hotpot choices!

So what are you waiting for!?

sauces soup-base

Condiments for dipping (left)

Hotpot Soup base

(Tom Yum Koong Cappuccino | Tomato & Crab Soup in Soufflé finish)

  • Tom Yum Soup was not too spicy with a good flavor of coconut and lemon grass. Very appetizing and perfect for seafood. (really looked like a cuppa coffee!)
  • Tomato & Crab had good tomato flavor and was slightly spicy, but more seasoning could be added to give a more robust taste. Egg white soufflé also became a great healthy snack on the side!

kurobata-pork beef

Kumamoto Black Pork Collar – left

  • Fresh and not too thinly sliced, great quality pork. Slightly sweet and very tender

Canada Deluxe Fatty Beef

  • Great distribution of fat amongst the meat, keeping it moist while cooking. Fresh with good beef flavor.

hotpot food-spread

Hotpot food selection

  • Rainbow Cuttlefish balls
  • Pork Balls with Mushrooms (very bouncy and fresh with lots of mushroom)
  • Layer Beancurd sheet
  • Enoki Mushrooms
  • Baby Celery Cabbage

peking-duck-dumpling cook-dumpling

Peking Duck Dumplings

  • Really tasted like peking duck in dumpling form!
  • Sweet and salty, with a good amount of filling.
  • A great dish to spark conversation.




Japanese Hokkaido Scallops

  • Large , portioned out to allow for maximum ease when cooking.
  • Very fresh and tender!



octopus-ball octopus

springonion-octopus Rainbow Cuttlefish Balls 

Spinach|Spring Onion|Purple Sweet Potato|Red Bell Pepper|Pumpkin|Yellow Bell Pepper| Beetroot (middle)

  • Innovative take on the traditional cuttle fishball.
  • Pumpking and Sweet potato gave it a slight sweetness that was a great surprise!
  • All very tasty with great bouncy texture!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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