Weekend Brunch Buffet @ Zuma

steak onsenegg salads2 dessert

Address: Landmark, Level 5 & 6, 15 Queen’s Road, Central 

Website: http://www.zumarestaurant.com

Price: Approx. HK$600 for buffet without additional items or drinks

Zuma, internationally known with locations in London, Dubai, New York and Miami, is rated as one of the top brunch places in Hong Kong. This eatery serves modern Japanese cuisine, combining western techniques with Japanese ingredients. Naturally I was intrigued to try it out, being both a big fan of brunches and Japanese food. Be sure to book early, as it is often full for up to 2 weeks in a row! There was also a queue outside for tables, even for those who have made reservations!

The Baikingu brunch is split into 2 sessions;11:00- 13:00 & 14:00- 16:00. It includes a choice of starters from the buffet, and one main from either the robatayaki grill or the open kitchen (premium items with added costs).


salads salads2

Smoked salmon: Shiso on top brought out the sweetness of the salmon, but otherwise ordinary.

Grilled tofu with miso dressing, seaweed and spring onions: Nothing outlandish about the dish, simply tofu.

Hamachi sashimi with garlic and citrus dressing: Citrus and garlic was a good addition to the hamachi and added a new element to the dish.

Beef Tataki with garlic sauce: Thinly sliced and tender, with a slight sear on the edges. Tasty.

Asparagus with sesame dressing: Crunchy asparagus with creamy dressing, very appetizing.

Wakame/ Seaweed salad: One of my favourite items from the buffet. The different types of kombun(seaweed) gave the salad dimension through different textures. The cucumber and carrot also added freshness and crunch. A bright and light dish.

Takoyaki/ octopus balls: Freshly made, drizzled with mayo and a sprinkle of seaweed and spring onions. This was also a great, addictive dish. Perfect for kids with a soft coating and surprise piece of octopus in the middle. Yum!

Lotus root salad with kombu and carrot: Crunchy lotus root slices dressed in a sweet mirin, this was a healthy addition to the meal. Though it didn’t really stand out from the other choices in the buffet.



Fresh Japanese tofu: Silky smooth with no aftertaste, good tofu.

Yakitori from leftShitake mushroom, Courgettes, Chicken wings : A bit meh, no different to most Yakitori from cheaper outlets. Lacking seasoning and tasted a bit flat.

Fried Chicken: Tasted ok, but again lack of seasoning and a bit dry.


Sticky spare rib: Bone-dry and tough, though the sticky glaze was good; slightly sweet and caramel-like.

Potato Croquette: Good bite-size snack with a crispy coating and smooth puree inside.

onsenegg sesamespinach

Onsen egg & soy sauce; Spinach salad & sesame dressing. These were 2 of the best dishes form the buffet. Just cooked, soft boiled egg mixed with a light soy; you could drink it like soup. The sesame dressing was creamy and full of sesame taste, a great marriage with wilted spinach.  lambchop steak

Grilled lamb chops: Overcooked, tough and bone-dry. Waste of a good piece of lamb.

Sirloin steak: Good sear marks but a bit over-cooked. Could do with a bit more seasoning.



Dessert platter:

Ice cream 2 scoops: Vanilla, cookies& cream, chocolate – A good selection of ice cream and generous portions for 2 people. 

Cakes: Chocolate Brownie and cream sponge – Nothing special. The brownie was a bit dry and cream sponge cake tasteless.




Overall, this is a good option for those who want to sample a variety of dishes at an affordable price, or find the normal à-la-carte menu too pricey.  Food quality was standard and didn’t match the price tag. Service was good and the dessert platter was also very generous and tasty.

If you are looking for a place that serves great quality food and stand out cooking, this may not be a good brunch option. If you want to save a few bucks and want an affordable brunch that fills you up, this is it!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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