Wine and dine @Le Cafe Winebeast

tartare porkbelly foie gras pigeon

Address: 15 McGregor Street, Wanchai


Having visited the wine beast shop on Johnston  road, I was excited to hear about their new project the winebeast cafe. Nestled on a small side street next to the new development the Avenue, it is understated and quaint, seating no more than 20 people.

This eatery serves modern French cooking, sourcing locally and adding a few Asian touches here and there. They focus on pairing wine with food, where you are encouraged to buy a bottle from the wineshop to enjoy with their dishes. It is also the more affordable branch of the 2 Winebeast restaurants.

tartare foie gras

Steak tartare – one of the best I’ve had in Hong Kong. Perfectly seperated egg yolk sitting on top to provide creaminess and a good kick from the cornichon and seasoning. The beef was very fresh and cut to bite-size pieces that were not too big. Portion was rather small for a starter and the price, but a very good tartare.

Foie gras with brioche toast and compote – Smooth melt in your mouth and was soft enough to spread on the brioche toast. The sweetness from the compote and brioche toast complemented the foie gras really well, enhancing its flavours. Though, again this was a meagre slice in comparison with its price tag.

pigeon porkbelly

Roast pigeon with mash, turnips and beetroot- Slightly undercooked pigeon, but well seasoned to bring out its flavours. The mash and turnip was an unexpected and welcomed addition, showcasing local produce.

Roasted pork belly with truffle, mushrooms and cabbage – crispy crackling and luxurious pork belly, who can resist!? The belly was tender yet not too soft. The cabbage helped cut the fattiness and mushrooms added a different texture. And truffle, well simply devine.


The Winebeast bistro and cafe strive to provide variety and quality cooking to their customers. They update their menu frequently to ensure seasonal produce fit to well, tastes of the season. A great cafe that serves great food at reasonable prices, it is a must-try French eatery.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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