New Vietnamese eatery @Cóm Bánh Mì

wings chickenduck beefsatay banhbeef

Address: 28 Tai Wong East Street, Wan Chai


Following the recent trend and popularity of Vietnamese is the new Café/Restaurant Còm Bánh Mì. Sitting next to the new Mexican eatery Verde Mar on Tai Wong East Street, it joins a large family of Vietnamese eateries in Wan Chai.

With an exterior mimicking old Vietnamese style houses, this eatery features Bánh Mi or baguette sandwiches fused with Hong Kong flavours, such as barbecue  pork, roast duck and steamed chicken. For those who are looking for other options, they also offer rice plates and side dishes.

You can either choose from their set menu that includes a rice or Bánh mi, a side and a drink, or order items seperately.


We decided on 2 set menus and a Bánh Mi.

limesoda banhbeef

Fresh lime soda

  • Looked great but tasted bland, with only a slight lime flavour coming through. Average.

Lemongrass Beef Satay Bánh Miwith Turkey Liver Pate, Vietnamese Sausage, Cilantro and herbs, Cucumber, Onions, Spring Onion & Ginger Purée, Pickled Carrots & Daikon, Jalapeño & Fish Sauce and Sriracha Mayo (included in all Banh Mis’)

  • Good bun that is not too soft with a generous filling of toasted tender meat, that had a sticky caramelised coating. Pickled carrot and daikon were crunchy and tangy, to balance the slight sweetness of the beef, add texture and balance out the flavours.

chickenduck beefsatay

Chicken and Roast Duck Com Gà

  • Tender shredded chicken married perfectly with the roast duck, and the slightly tangy ginger and spring onion dressing. The herbs added freshness and brightened up the dish. The rice and flavours of this Com Gà reminded of Hainanese Chicken rice. Certainly a very filling and satisfying dish.

Lemongrass Beef satay Com Gà

  • Satay was very salty but had a good marinade and the beef was tender. The chicken broth steamed rice was soft and had a  great aroma and fragrance from the saffron. The pickle added crunch and the ginger onion dressing, fragrance.

wings wedges

Chicken wings

  • Chicken wings were tender, crispy and not too salty. They are up there on the tasty scale and may even be better, if not as good as the wings from Cheeky Pasta.

Wedges with Sriracha mayo

  • Wedges were nothing special and similar to what you can get anywhere. The Sriracha mayo was spicy and a good addition to uplift the dish. Otherwise this was a bit meh.


Overall, service was a bit disorganised and stressed, although staff was friendly. A great choice for lunch and takeaways, with great food. If they can organise better, Cóm Bành Mí has the potential to acheive much greater things.


Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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