Nha Trang vs BÊP – Rebranding Success?

Address: 1303, Times Square Hong Kong, 1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay


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Named after a resort in coastal Vietnam, Nha Trang has been in Hong Kong for the past 13 years. Adorned with a menu inspired by the French colonial era that brings you Hanoi style home cooking, this Vietnamese joint has shown consistent quality cooking over the years.

Recent rebranding gave us sister restaurant BÊPA more modern branch that sports a similar menu that is somewhat more refined and tasty. (Read more here). Crystal rolls offerings are pretty much just as amazing from both chains, though only Nha Trang has the amazing Pandan Leaf wrapped Beef ‘La Dua Bo Nuong’!

The scrumptious Roasted Suckling Pig was definitely much better at BÊPcrispier and less fatty, with a more rustic presentation. Nha Trang‘s was unfortunately mostly fat…

Service standards though were great from both, so why don’t you stop by and see what you think? Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

drinks kai-lan2

Fresh Lime Soda & Vietnamese Iced coffee 

  • larger portions than BÊP but just as tasty. Strong coffee flavors with a thick evaporated milk, that is silky.
  • Lime soda was fresh, though needed a bit more lime, helped calm the taste buds.

Tossed Chinese Kale

  • Crispy and fresh, the sprinkling of peanuts and dried sakura shrimps add saltiness and texture. YUM!

rice-rolls pandan-beef

Vietnamese Steamed Ravioli ‘Bahn Cuon

  • Slightly on the saltier side, these delicate rice parcels are definitely one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes!
  • Salami slices could’ve been cut smaller, but otherwise a great starter dish.

Grilled Beef wrapped in Pandan Leaf  ‘La Dua Bo Nuong’

  • Consistently tasty and good comes to mind when ordering this dish.
  • Tender and soft beef slices wrapped in pandas leaves to give a fragrant finish when grilled.

soft-shell-crab roast-pig

Deep fried Soft-shell crab “Cua Lot Chien Bo

  • Salty and crispy, the perfect accompaniment to an ice cold beer!
  • Portions were also very generous, enough for 4 people.

Roasted Suckling Pig “Heo Sua Dut Lo

  • Crispy skin, but overall too greasy.
  • Most of the pieces were pure fat.
  • Not bad, still tasty, but could’ve been better.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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