Modern Dim Sum @Hakkasan


Address: 17 Bruton Street, London W1J 6QB

8 Hanway Pl, London W1T 1HD


Hakkasan, a modern and sophisticated Chinese establishment, has various locations in London, US and Abu Dhabi. Adorned with a nightclub moody design, it focuses on fusion style Dim Sum and dishes. Don’t let the fancy decor full you, the food is very good and certainly not a gimmick.

Having been there twice, on both occasions the food quality was just as good and consistent. Price, for their Dim Sum lunch is surprisingly fair, similar to most central london Chinese restaurants, e.g. princess garden and Gerrard’s corner in China town. However, dinner is a bit more expensive.

All the dishes were beautifully presented and full of flavour, possessing all the authentic elements while adding a few fusion touches in the ingredients.

We started our Chinese voyage on a few steamed items Chinese chive dumpling with prawn and crabmeat (£5.20), Black truffle and duck dumpling (£7.80) and the Siew long bun with pork and dried scallop (£6.20) .

crab truffleduck-1

Clear thin wrappers encasing the lovely and luscious filling inside the dumplings, both the crab and truffle parcels were a success.



Shay long buns is a traditional Shanghainese dish that features thin wrappers with a generous and moist filling inside. Hakkasan has achieved this, though the scallop taste was not very evident.






Then it was time for baked and fried goods; Baked venison puff (£5.30), Crispy smoked duck and pumpkin puff (£5.50), Salt and pepper homemade pumpkin tofu (£9.20) and Salt and pepper squid (£13.80)


Venison puffs: Golden flaky parcels with a shiny glaze, this is a very effective and innovative twist to the traditional BBQ pork puffs. The venison was nice and moist, and did not have a game taste. The barbecue sauce was slightly sweet and salty. A good choice for kids and even non game lovers.


Crispy smoked duck and pumpkin puff : Cute little fried pumpkins, simply too adorable to eat! The smoke flavour was a bit lost in the duck but still a very good dumpling. Crispy skin and a moist filling, as well as a playful presentation, again a good way to introduce kids a few new foods.


Salt and pepper homemade pumpkin tofu and Salt and pepper squid : At first glance, the tofu looked like ordinary fried bean curd squares, but then you bite into it and taste the sweetness and complex flavours of a pumpkin. Crispy and with a kick. An addictive option that goes well with a cold drink. The fried squid had a light batter and a slight kick from the chillies and pepper. This dish reminds me of seaside restaurants in Hong Kong, serving up local fried delicacies. Tender and crispy, again a good partner to a cold beer.

Finally we come to a few à la carte items; Jasmine tea smoked organic pork ribs (£13.90) and Crispy Duck Salad with Pomelo, pine nut and shallots (£21.90) – pictures at the top of page. The smoked ribs were not too dry and was slathered with a good sticky barbecue glaze. The jasmine tea aroma was not very evident and was no different to a normal pork rib dish. Crispy duck salad, a favourite of mine and also seen in restaurants such as IVY, is a good asian alternative to the others. Featuring pomelo, pine nuts and shallots and paired with an Asian dressing, it has a sweetness and sourness that is found in most Asian cooking. The shredded duck was also very crispy and seasoned with Chinese spices.


Michelin star quality Dim Sum at affordable prices. Prompt service and great ambience, though the music was a bit loud.


Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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