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Address: 2nd floor & 3rd floor, the Mood at Lyndhurst, 
38-42 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Website: thetartine.com

Bruschetta, toasties, crostini; all toasted bread foods we are familiar with. Tartine, however, is something more chic and elegant. Modern, luxurious and quality toppings with rustic sourdough bread, this is not just a café serving bread related snacks but a dining space with class.

A new project headed by the ex-French Prime Minister’s son Arthur de Villepin and Michelin-star Chef Philippe Orrico of On- dining and Upper modern Bistro, sits in a three-storey building amidst Central. The second floor is a minimalist restaurant decorated with gold and chrome accents with pops of water colour, evoking a calm and homely feeling. The third is a terrace bar, where many can enjoy the Central view sipping wine and cocktails till late.

So what are tartines you ask? They are open-faced sandwiches with a selection of  toppings, both sweet and savory, and very much apart of French daily life. Here, Tartine sources local produce, bringing to its diners the farm-to-table experience through premium ingredients.

Beside tartines, this eatery also has a variety of modern and classic French bites such as Rillettes, Charcuterie and Tartare.



octopus dip

Bigeye Tuna TartarCrispy flat bread, Ponzu cream, White truffle oil with a micro Shiso garnish. 

  • Whipped cream with lemon ponzu; brilliantly light and airy with a small kick from the paprika. The citrus added a freshness and uplifted and enhanced the sweetness of the tuna.  The truffle oil was a bit lost and didn’t bring much to the dish.

Sautéed Parwns & Paloma Octopus with a Aji-Aji dressing.

  • Great dressing with slight citrus elements that gave tanginess. The cilantro complemented and added colour. Both Octopus and Prawns were tender, well-seasoned and tasty. Great opening to the meal.


 crab2 crab

Crab & Lemon Aioli, topped with artichoke, Sundried-tomato and quail eggs

  • Finely shredded crab meat dressed with lemon and herbs. The sour artichoke and sweet, slightly spicy tomato added texture and dimension to the dish. Prefect complements to the Crab. The quail egg brought creaminess. Overall a well-balanced and thought-out dish.

lobster2 lobster

Lobster & Homemade Béchamel with lobster bisque

  • Rich and luxurious dish. Béchamel was not too fatty and creamy, and ironically offset the richness of the lobster bisque. Lobster portions were generous and cooked till tender. Not leathery at all. The grilled cheese was just the perfect finish, adding a crispy covering to the tartine.


Paris Ham & Béchamel: Tartine’s Croque Monsieur served with green salad 

  • Not just an ordinary ham and cheese sandwich, but an upgraded posh version. Creamy béchamel with quality cubes of ham, and a crispy cheese topping. The salad on the side was a good accompaniment to make you feel less guilty after all that deliciousness.


 berry banana

Berries & Marscapone

  • Slight tang of orange from the lightly whipped cream, that was a good change from lemon. It enhanced the sweetness and freshness of the berries, also giving warmth to the dish. The sourdough was a bit too tough and savory for my liking. A toasted brioche base would’ve been a better fit.

Banana & Salted Caramel on French Toast

  • Good caramelized banana with a brioche base. Ice cream was standard and a bit bland. Could do with more vanilla. Presentation was also a bit childish and opposite from all the sophisticated dishes on the menu.


Tartine is a great space for friendly gatherings or a casual meal. It is well thought out and has a consistent concept throughout its decoration and menu. It may be more suited for lunch or a light dinner, but otherwise a great addition to the many new restaurants around Central.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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