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Address: G/F, 3 Swatow Street, Wan Chai

Website: breadandbeasthk.com

Menu: breadandbeasthk.com/wp-content/themes/bridge/bridge/img/menus/breadandbeast_shopmenu.pdf

Aren’t we all itching to get our hands on some quality comfort, no fuss foods that is hard to find in Hong Kong? Well this is it, albeit the hefty price tag for a sandwich, Bread & Beast has certainly achieved this heart warming effect. Featuring sandwiches and sides inspired by Hong Kong delights, such as beef brisket noodles and Chinese sausage, they have certainly put a unique spin on an otherwise pedestrian staple.


Casual and modern, with a semi-outdoor space, it is a world apart from the newly opened Tartine in Central. Both equally successful and delicious sandwich eateries, where Bread & Beast has more of a bistro vibe and Tartine (Tartine Review) an up-scale restaurant. Bread & Beast also sources all their ingredients locally and make everything in-house, including the bread.

We started our lunch off with the Ngau Lam Wich (HK$ 88), followed by a side of Lennon Fries (HK$35 or $22 as a combo).

lennonfries brisketlennon

Lennon fries – Borrowing its flavors from an Osaka classic, Okonomiyaki, this is one of the most popular dishes here. Soft boiled egg saucing the crispy fries, with a sweet and salty dressing and earthy dried fish flakes. It invites you to take bite after bite.


Ngau Lam Wich – Melt-in-your-mouth, tender and (12 hour) slow cooked Brisket with an unusual Chu Hao (soybean based) Mayo.  Paired with daikon pickle and crispy, fresh out of the oven bread, simply divine. Inspired by the famous Hong Kong staple, beef brisket noodle, the chosen accompaniments greatly enhanced the flavors of the brisket. Bringing you a new and upgraded version of the noodle dish.

lotusfries duckhalllotus

We couldn’t ignore the Beast special (HK$98), ‘Duck the Halls’ and took a combo with Lotus Root Fries (HK$32 or $22 with combo).

Lotus Root FriesFu Yue (Fermented Soybean) mayo, Spring onions

Thinly sliced and super crispy lotus root fries with fresh herbs to garnish. Perfect bar snack and hugely addictive. The Fu Yue Mayo was a great idea, though lacking in soybean taste with a slight saltiness.


‘Duck the Halls’ Holiday Beast Special: 

Duck Confit, Melted Brie, Creamy Purple Cabbage, Pickled Cranberry Mustard Sauce

Inspired by the Hong Kong roast duck and playing with French fusion elements, this has to be my favorite. Slightly salty and creamy brie acting as a duvet for the tender flakes of duck meat,. Just Heaven! The pickled carrot and cabbage helped offset the fattiness, brining you back from food coma. The pickled Cranberry Mustard sauce was good, but not very evident in the sandwich. Bread, again, was crispy and was not softened by the sauce from the filling.


Well executed concept with quality sandwiches and great service. However, prices of the combos, sandwiches and sides are quite expensive for a casual restaurant and sandwich shop. You could tell that everything is made with care, taking into consideration the overall gourmand experience.

Worth a try, though may not be the most affordable sandwich in town, even for one that is made using gourmet ingredients.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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