Fusion Ramen @Foxtail & Boomcorn

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Address: Shop 5, Rialto Building, 2 Landale Street, Wan Chai

Website: foxtailandbroomcorn.com

Almost everywhere you look there is a Ramen shop in Hong Kong, but have you ever tried fusion ramen? Opening its second location in Wan Chai after its success in Sheung Wan, I was keen to try it out. Foxtail & Boomcorn believes in a modern casual concept, bringing us noodles from all over the world. Its menu includes Japanese, Singaporean and Chinese flavours, showcasing local ingredients and inspiration.

With a 10% discount on takeaways, casual and modern decorations with a slight asian flair, why not!? Both visits didn’t leave me disappointed!


Prepared in about 10minutes, its takeaway menu features a set for one or 2, that includes a side, main and 2 noodle or rice dishes.

Total cost: $178 ~ dinner set for 2

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Pork & Parmasen Truffle flavoured Dumplings

  • Wrapped in thin Wonton wrappers and generously filled. With every bite, you can taste truffle and pork.
  • Compared to DTC’s truffle dumpling, the pro filled is slightly more dry, but has a more intense truffle flavour.
  • Equally heavenly!




oliverice eggnoodle

Olive Rice

  • Fusion style fried rice that reminded me of the traditional Chinese pickle and Conpoy fried rice.
  • Using olives and pork in place of Chinese pickles, this is a fresh yet healthy dish. Not too greasy or dry, definitely fits everyone’s new year resolution to becoming more healthy!

Egg Noodles with House made Sauce

  • Quite disappointed with the noodles and rather ordinary compared to its description.
  • No different to what we can get in most Chinese eateries and the ‘house sauce’ was not very evident either.




Grilled Fish Fillet with Banana Leaves

  • Thai and Chinese style fish, though seemed to be steamed rather than grilled.
  • Tasty and not fishy or too spicy, but lacked the crispy skin I was hoping for.






Steamed Kai Lan Vegetables

  • Standard and a bit over steamed. Looked and tasted a bit tired.





If you have time, I highly recommend you dine-in. Friendly staff, followed by a beautiful and relaxed decor, you can comfortably enjoy their array of noodle and snacks.


Tandoori Fishcakes with Sesame Sauce and apple slices $38

First bite into the bouncy fishcakes, you can taste the Tandoori spices. Smooth and not too spicy, the sesame dressing adds a slight saltiness and cucumber adds a refreshing and crunchy element to the dish.

amoy tokyo

Amoy: (Gluten free)

Thin rice noodles & fish fillet in a rich fish broth with parmesan chips, fried egg, fried tofu, seasonal vegetables & coriander. $82 

  • Perfect for gluten free lovers, this fusion style Chinese favourite is a refreshing take to the ordinary noodles.
  • A rich broth that you can tell has been simmering for hours that is slightly peppery and not fishy.
  • Fish fillets replace the fishcakes, making it a healthier option, though flavour was a bit lost in the broth.
  • Comfort food with a modern spin and a Parmesan Crisp for extra crunchiness!

Tokyo: (Signature)

Fresh ramen, onsen egg, harissa beef ribs, black woodier mushrooms & coriander in a chicken broth. $85

  • Tasty and tender beef that has been raised for a longtime, though lacked Harissa flavour.
  • Chicken broth had a very strong mushroom flavour, with chewy Shitake-mushrooms swimming along side.
  • Onsen egg, oozing the yolk and adding creaminess to the dish. Just divine!
  • The ramen was cooked aldente (perfect chewiness), with strings of Woodear mushrooms hiding in-between the strands. Crispy and chewy, keeping the dish interesting.


Beef Salad

Vietnamese salad with lemon grass dressing, grilled sirloin beef, cucumber, coleslaw, lettuce, pomelo, basil and mint. $

  • Slightly spicy, but overall was not good.
  • Dressing lacked the sweet and sour balance and did not do much to help the abundance of salad leaves in the bowl.
  • The beef was tender and grilled to medium, but was the best part of the dish.
  • Can give this a miss.



This is a very affordable noodle shop that gives a successful modern spin to ramen and snacks. However, the salads lack the quality that is seen with other items on the menu and can give them a miss. Overall, this is a great spot for catchups and a quick meal without breaking the bank.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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