Messy fingers @Butcher’s club Burger

Address: G/F, Rialto Building, 2 Landale Street, Wan Chai


Burgers used to embody fast food and unhealthiness. Using off, fatty cuts for patties and associated with the likes of Mc Donalds and Burger King. Nowadays, burgers are made with fresh, quality ingredients and deemed “Gourmet”.

With a growing trend of gourmet burgers brings us the first installment from the Butcher’s Club group, Butchers Club Burgers in Wan Chai.


Originally a butcher shop selling premium cuts of beef, it has expanded to include steak houses, private dining and burger joints. They ensure the top quality ‘Australian grain-fed Angus’ used in their burgers, even showcasing their cuts in a fridge to customers. They serve only one type of burger (cheese, beef, bacon & tomato) and fries on their menu, or do they?

First to invent the ‘secret menu’ (accessed via QR code) that offers speciality burgers to dine-in customers only, it certainly makes Butchers Club a great attraction. The secret menu hosts both popular favourites and new seasonal burgers to keep things interesting.

Secret Menu Burgers:


Duck Fat Fries $30

  • Thick cut fries, almost like Wedges, are crispy and full of flavor. Although not too greasy, I find these fries a bit too salty. Salt is sprinkled on top of the already salty fries (salt from duck fat), paired with the patty from the burgers, I find quite unpleasant.

Ink Gambler Captain Ahab

(left) The Gambler $140 – Double-fried buttermilk chicken, tossed in franks & butter, Blue cheese sauce, Celery Slaw and pickles. 

  • This was a massive burger and almost as big as my head! The chicken was well fried and doused in a buffalo wing- like sauce. Paired with a tangy but not too sour coleslaw and a salty blue cheese sauce to balance everything off.
  • The chicken without the lettuce and blue cheese sauce would have been too sour, but together they make a good combination.

(right) Captain Ahab $130 – Panko-breaded Barramundi fillet with homemade tartare sauce and spicy coleslaw 

  • This was the better of the 2 burgers. Extra crispy fried fish patty, where the fish was still soft and flaky. The Spicy slaw helped add a needed layer to the flavors.
  • A good option for non-meat eaters.

hogtown hogtown2

The Hogtown $160 – Dry-aged beef patty topped with classic pulled pork, Canadian peameal-style bacon, pickled shallots with thyme, sharp honey mustard and smoked gouda

  • Porktastic! Except the patty and cheese, everything is pork related. Beautifully moist strands of pulled pork enriched with BBQ sauce, paired with meaty, sweet bacon.
  • I was glad the bacon used was NOT streaky bacon, as that would’ve been too rich paired with the pulled pork and patty.
  • This burger was on the salty side, though the pulled pork was very tasty, the beef patty ironically was not necessary. I would’ve preferred a burger with just the pulled pork cheese and bacon. Even more Porktastic without the beef!



Double Happiness $180 Double Patty, Double cheese

  • Flat topped bun and presented with a steak knife stabbed in the middle, this is not a burger for wimps!
  • Double everything from patty, cheese to bacon, this is a burger fit for 2 people.
  • Even though things are twice as large, patties and bun ratio is still perfect, with moist beefy patties.
  • Highly recommended for the ‘Hangry’!



wutang2 wutang

Wu Tang Style $120 – Fried in Sriracha, topped with cheese, kimchi, kewpie mayo and tempura sweet potato.

  • This is my all-time favorite! I would have this every time just for the Tempura sweet potato! Beautifully airy and crispy, paired with spicy kimchi and slightly sweet kewpie mayo, this was a match made in heaven. The patty was again, very moist and not too salty. The cheese, was a bit gummy, and didn’t really melt into the patty. Overall a great burger, except for the cheese.


Butcher’s club continues its success with now 3 burger joints in Hong Kong. As the first burger joint, its Wan Chai branch does not disappoint. Now with less queues than it started (which I prefer), its burgers are still up to standard. New burger ideas are sometimes added to its menu, though the popular choices are still my favorites. Quality of burgers are consistent, keeping its patties full of beef flavor and moist, as well as not too salty. You don’t even seem to miss the lack of vegetables, which for a burger joint is always a good thing!


Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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