French Home Cooking@ Les Fils à Maman

Address: LG/F, 75 Hollywood Road, Central


Tucked away on a small alleyway off Hollywod Road is Les Fils à Maman, which translates to “Mama’s boys”. A concept brought to you from Paris and started by 4 sons, featuring recepies brought down from their mothers. Adorned with nostalgic and fun childhood memories like Asterix comics, old leather trunks and toys, this is a true representation of a traditional French home.

Its Menu is simple and traditional, serving rustic dishes like Burgers, T-bone Steak and quiche, all everyday favourites of French home cooking. Les Fils à Maman also features a daily special menu (or Plats du jour) that includes specialities like Potage, fish of the day and desserts, that is definitely worth trying!

Daily Specials

day1 day2

What We Ate:

andoueillette soup

Andouiellette with caramelized onions – Pork or Veal sausage with offal.

  • Interesting presentation with an asian fusion twist, wrapped spring roll style.
  • Andouellette a bit overcooked. But well seasoned, with a good light side salad to add freshness.
  • Crispy spring roll skin with no Offal off-taste. Worth a try for the more adventurous!

Carrots à cumin Velouté (Carrot and Cumin soup)

  • Creamy soup with hint of cumin for kick.
  • bright ad fresh.

squid burger

Encornet Faci du Chef – Moody stuffed squid.

  • Grilled squid stuffed with chicken, vegetables and peppers with curry seasoning.
  • Well seasoned, tender and sat on a bed of fresh salad. Good char on the squid.
  • Fusion style with a slight kick that adds an interesting element.
  • Salad was also very fresh, dressed in a light vinaigrette.

Burger- beef patty, Bayonne Ham, Comté cheese, cocktail sauce, house fries. 

  • Very thin bread with generous filling. Good tender, juicy, medium rare patty with lettuce, bacon and melted cheese
  • Very affordable Burger that is of good quality. Best thing is they give you more filling than bread, Winning!


Steak/ Côte de Boeuf 1kg

  • Very crispy and thin fries that is crunchy and addictive!
  • Ratatouille well stewed and good seasoning, though courgettes could have been less cooked, to give a mixture of textures.
  • Simple seasoning on the steak, with herbs, salt and pepper. Tender and juicy.
  • Hunters feast, that is definitely enough for 2!



Fondant chocolate Coeur Pralin Caramel (Chocolate fondant with caramel center)

  • Chocolate liquid centre. No caramel taste, tasted more like milk chocolate. Liquid center was also too sweet.
  • Fluffy warm cake paired with cold vailla ice cream.
  • Not bad but not the best I’ve had.


Grest service and a nice quiet spot to hang out and get away from the hustle bustle of Hong Kong. Its food isn’t bad, but don’t expect anything extraordinary or gourmet. Les Fils à Maman is a good place for those who would like to sample French Home Cooking, but if you are looking for something more refined and bursting with flavour and french finesse, this is not the place for you.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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