North Audley Cantine N.A.C – a Hipster French Affair

Address:  41 N Audley St, London W1K 6ZP

Yet another weekend in search of a cute place for Brunch, this is when I thought of NAC or North Audley Cantine just behind Selfridges. Yet another hipster, trendy cafe that is filled with pretentious youngsters you may think, but this is certainly not that. NAC, a project by three 20-somethings, managed to capture the casual French experience, as well as yummy, healthy and bright food. A dining room adorned with antique books and rustic design, this eatery features sharing, tapas style plates and a light and healthy menu.

Perfect for today’s lifestyle of clean eating and casual dining. With an Asian inspired bar just downstairs and a breezy space that seats 50, why not come and enjoy a comfy Brunch and catch up with friends?

coffee fruitshot


  • A great cup of coffee presented in a beautiful cup, what more do you need to start your day?

Grapefruit ginger, agave & lime ‘healthy tonic’ (left)

  • Very tangy and definitely wakes u up!
  • Energy shot without caffeine, that fits the current trend of heath and fitness!

macncheese macncheese2

Truffled mac & cheese

  • Creamy and a great alternative to the original by using cut  up cannelloni. The Cannelloni soaks up the truffled cheese goodness much better, giving you mouthfuls of comfort!
  • Lots of truffle flavor, cheesy and a crispy top. Yum!



eggs Nac muffin

  • Soft fluffy muffin with smokey bacon and mayo with a kick.
  • Great ratio of filling and muffin.
  • Egg also helps sauce the whole thing, portion was rather small though, but good choice for a light brunch.




tunabowl tunabowl2

Ahi Tuna Poke, Avocado, Quinoa & Seaweed bowl

  • Great quinoa that is still crunchy and fresh.
  • Good soy seasoning and ratio of ingredients, that was tangy and smoky with a slight kick.
  • Appetizing, with a light sprinkling of spring onion and sesame to add crunch.


Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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