Beer tasting @ HK Brewcraft x Torimen event


Address: G/F, 1-5 Elgin Street, Soho, Central.

When: 21st Nov 2015

HK Brewcraft, a local home-brew company and craft beer shop , has teamed up with Torimen to host a beer tasting event. They prise themselves for stocking beers from all over the world, at reasonable prices and also host workshops for beer fanatics.

The free-flow event at $380 was a success, introducing beers from all over the world, through a variety of light, pale and dark beers. We were also offered snacks to help us along the way; just in case we get drunk! There was a total of 16 beers, ranging from light, fruity to more complex darker beers.

  1. Garage Project Hops On Pointe
  2. Epic Fest Devious Märzen
  3. Yo-Ho Sorry
  4. To Øl Gose To Hollywood
  5. Meantime Wheat
  6. Tuatara Aotearoa Pale Ale
  7. Australian Brewery Pale Ale
  8. To Øl Sur Amarillo
  9. Meantime IPA
  10. Epic Escape To Colorado IPA
  11. Nøgne Ø Vic Secret IPA
  12. Black Isle Organic Red Kite
  13. Hitachino Nest Amber Ale
  14. Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela No. 1 Pumpkin Ale
  15. Meantime Coffee Porter
  16. North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

These are some of my favourites from the bunch;

yohosorry-1 hollywoodbeer-1

Yo-Ho Sorry (above left:

From Nagano Prefecture in Japan, this Pale ale/Gose hybrid has sweet herbal notes and a freshness from the Yuzu and other citrus fruits. A good option for non-beer drinkers and a very light beer.

To ØL Gose To Hollywood (above right):

From Copenhagen, this beer has tropical asian notes; logan, lychee and some asian spices. An interesting beer with a fresh sweetness and slight salty aftertaste. Heavier than Yo-Ho but still light and very smooth, almost like a cider. An everyday beer.


Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela No. 1 Pumpkin Ale:

From Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales, Michigan; this spice beer has citrus flavours and very complex notes. The citrus notes include; lemon, mandarin and orange blossoms. Jolly Pumpkin is by far my favourite, with its warm, comforting tones and sweetness from the fruits. It reminds me of Christmas and warmth from roasting marshmallows. Definitely a beer that even non-beer drinkers will love!




beefsk-1 edamame-1

Beef Skewers and Edamame; The beef was marinated in a barbecue sauce and had a good char flavour. A bit chewy; was ok. The Edamame was standard, nothing special.

 friedcheese-1 cartilage-1

The cheese croquettes were very good; crispy crust and gooey cheese filling, a perfect bar snack. The chicken cartilage skewer was very salty but still crunchy. Not great but ok.



And finally the sausage skewer which was presented on a chicken bone; Flintstone style!

The sausage meat was well seasoned. It had a crispy skin and a peppery flavour. A good snack to cut the alcohol.






Overall, the bar snacks were ok but acceptable, since the main event was the beer. There was a great selection of beer that caters to everyone, even those who aren’t a big fan of beers. Definitely a good way to get to know craftbeers and take your curiosity for a spin!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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