Full Belly Brunch @Blue butchers

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Address: 108 Hollywood Road, Central

Website: www.bluebutcher.com

Menu: Brunch Menu

Out in search for yet another Weekend brunch, we decided upon Blue Butchers. Known as a Meat Specialist and for its generous brunch offerings, it sits modestly next to classified on Hollywood Road. We enter into a rustic industrial style space and were led upstairs, to a larger dining area overlooking Antique shops all over Hollywood Road. Already salivating with the colourful plates of salad set out on the buffet table, we were anxious to take a look at the Brunch Menu.

At HK$390 per person, you can enjoy a cold starter buffet, Waffles, Foie Gras poêlé, Main and dessert. You can also add on free flow prosecco, sangria or (the non-alcoholic version) lavender lemonade at an extra charge.

Starting off with a lavender lemonade; sweet, tangy and fragrant, and an unusual yet delicious combination. We quickly leapt to get our hands on some foie gras. Already forming a queue, I waited patiently for the server to fry up a few more pieces of foie gras. Melt in your mouth and not too salty, this was a great start to our meal.

foiegras oysters

We then tried some of their cold plates; Coffin Bay Oysters, Compressed Watermelon and Buffalo Mozzarella with tomatoes and a balsamic dressing.

  • Oysters were very fresh and refilled frequently, or as quick as possible since everyone was grabbing oysters.
  • Compressed watermelon was good, and the compression did enhance the flavour. It seemed more of a gimmick and wasn’t really that impressive.
  • The Mozzarella was very creamy and tomatoes sweet and fresh. Very good dish to offset the fattiness from the foie gras.



Slow Poached Eggs with Mushrooms, Ham and Hollandaise.

  • Perfectly poached eggs, still slightly liquid and with a gooey centre. It acted as a sauce for the toast and married with the thick luscious gravy from the mushrooms.
  • The Ham was good but didn’t really add much to the toast. Crispy bacon would’ve been better.


Dry Aged Roast of the Day

Beef Rib Roast; Tender and seasoned with herbs, salt and pepper.

  • Portions enough for 2!
  • Gravy silky and smooth, and most importantly full of that rich beef flavour. It was almost like liquid beef!
  • Potatoes baked till crispy, still soft in the middle, made you want to eat all of them! I had to stop myself since there was still dessert to come!

lemoncurd mapletart

Jarred Sicillian Lemon Curd and Burnt Cream

  • Not too sweet, with a tangy and gooey lemon curd. Portions were extremely small though; barely the size of my hand. Burnt cream was good, but the tiny pot just didn’t do it.

Canadian Maple Syrup tart with Vanilla and Lemon Zest Chantilly

  • A very sweet tart with strong Maple syrup flavour and a good thin base. The tart was very dry and dense and didn’t stand out.


Come Hungry! Blue Butchers is definitely one of the more affordable brunches out there with a huge variety and portions. Desserts were meh, but the rest was good quality and delicious. Great service, though a bit noisy during the weekend with families and kids. Overall a great brunch with great variety in a beautiful dining space. Even better for groups and familiar, so you can try more dishes and share the mains!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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