Ramen Sampling@ Ramen Jo

Address: G/F, Caroline Hill Road, Causeway bay.

Website: www.facebook.com/RamenJo

The 3rd installment of my Ramen Journey and how does this compare? Ramen Jo is definitely the best out of the three, even topping Shoryu Ramen in London. Rated as some of the best Ramen in Hong Kong by ‘Time Out’ and having received the Bib Gourmand award from the Michelin Guide, 3rd year in a row, Ramen Jo is certainly not to be messed with.  

As mentioned before in previous posts, I often prefer Ramen broth to be less greasy and thick. Full flavored broth without making you feel sickly or like you’ve eaten a spoonful of oil.

Ramen Jo has definitely achieved this! Offering more innovative sides such as octopus balls (takoyaki) and fried chicken, as well as the usual ramen variety and scrumptious rice bowls. It was lucky we arrived early, as the people began to pile in after 12:30 lunchtime!


What We ate:

Lunch Set A $88 + Cha Siu $15 + extra egg $15 + coke $10

garlic karage

Garlic Oil Tonkotsu Ramen (蒜油豚骨拉麵)

  • Very rich garlic and sesame flavors from the broth, without detracting from the Tonkotsu broth. Creamy and tasty, without being too greasy.
  • Noodles were also aldete and thin, though could do with more Cha Siu (roasted Pork). Good!

Japanese fried Chicken

  • Crispy coating and tender chicken, though a bit greasy.
  • Not bad.


Lunch Set B $98 + coke $10

tsukemen men

Spicy Tsukemen (辣味沾麵)

  • Broth had a very rich bonito flavor, which gave it a nice smokey and unusual element to the dish. It wasn’t too spicy and not greasy, where you can still taste the Tonkotsu (pork bone) flavor.
  • Noodles were thick and filling, great for dipping in the thick broth! Good!




Deep fried Octopus Balls (Takoyaki)

  • Good, crispy Takoyaki that was still soft inside.
  • First I’ve seen as a side dish in a Ramen restaurant.


Ramen Jo is definitely one of the more traditional ramen joints around, that serves both quality ramen and side dishes. Chefs are all Japanese, paired with an authentic street style Japanese decor, this is a Ramen Stop you can’t miss!

Good food, service and convenient location, why not!?

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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