Cheese tasting @ Feather & Bone

Address: G/F, 18 Gage Street, Central



Perched on Gage street amongst the wet market filled with local sights and smells, is a cute deli Feather and Bone. Opened by the patrons of popular online butcher, that sells produce from France, US and many more, this is certainly a deli you should visit.

Today, though, we are here to talk about the Cheese tasting event they hosted! hmm.. French Cheeses, who doesn’t love them? HK$298 for all you can eat cheese and a glass of wine to accompany, why not?

Below are the 10 different cheese that were offered and carefully prepared by master Cheese affineur Rudolph Le Meaner. The best Cheesemonger of France and World’s best Cheesemonger in 2007!



Saint-Maure de Touraine (Center)

  • From Touraine, France
  • Goat cheese; salty and creamy with a tangy finish. Becomes firmer and more crumbly with age.

Beaufort (yellow cheese on the right)

  • Unpasteurized cheese from Haute-Savoie in the French Alps.
  • hard and very salty, with a buttery finish.
  • Flavors become more complex with age.

Brie (bigger slices on the outside)

  • One of the most well-known french cheeses.
  • creamy and earthy, stronger than colomier. Aged and has very complex flavors.
  • made with semi-skimmed milk.


  • light and creamy, and made with unpasteurised milk.
  • a close cousin to Brie, it is much lighter and creamier.


Brillat- Savarin (white)

  • Creamy, mild cheese made from cow’s milk that is roughly 75% fat.
  • Dense and moist cheese.
  • found in Burgundy and Normandy.

Gruyere (left)

  • Salty, aged and earthy.
  • Full body hard cheese with complexity.
  • Originally from Switzerland.

1 8

Blue goat’s cheese- BLEU DE CHÈVRE (left)

  • Salty and earthy, but less strong than a cow’s milk goat cheese.
  • Creamy and goes very well with bread!


  • Very creamy and  light tasting cheese, with a tangy finish.
  • roughly 75% butterfat, and similar texture to marscapone.


Camembert (left)

  • Soft and creamy, surface-ripened cow’s milk cheese.
  • Well-known and seen all over France, this is a strong, salty and creamy cheese.
  • Similar texture to a brie with more complex and stronger notes.

Reblochon (right)

  • A semi-soft cow’s milk Cheese, made with full cream unpasteurized milk. Great eaten alone or baked with potatoes.
  • salty, strong and creamy cheese, with a fruity finish.

3 6

Fromage d’Ossau Montagne (left)

  • mild hard cheese similar to gruyere, but lighter in taste, with a dry and slight nutty finish.
  • Made with Sheep’s milk and from the French Pyrenees.

Morbier (right)

  • Very creamy and strong cheese. Well aged to give a complex layer of flavors.
  • A semi-soft cow’s milk cheese, made by combining 2 layers of milk, one from morning and the other from the evening, with a layer of ash in the middle.

Come back and check out their space for more events! Feather and Bone has cheese and oyster events on alternate weeks, so don’t miss out and watch their space for updates!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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