Lobster feast @ Burger & Lobster

Address: 5th Flr, Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7RJ

Website: www.burgerandlobster.com

Lobsters and Burgers, who could say no!? With 9 branches accross London dishing up what some may believe to be one of the more affordable places for Lobster is Burger and Lobster. You might think being located in some of London’s more affluent areas, that their food is overpriced, fancy and pretencious. This is certainly not the case!

Top quality service, lobster and burgers, along with an extensive list of cocktails to slurp alongside your rolls, this is a great everyday restaurant fit for all walks of life. And trust me when I say that their Lobster roll can certainly live up to the standards of their American counterparts!

What We Ate:

lobster roll

Lobster roll with side of crispy fries and salad.

  • Dressed in light japanese mayonnaise and served in a warm toasted brioche bun.
  • Great tender lobster with just the right amount of dressing, sitting in a soft buttered and lightly toasted brioche bun. YUM!
  • Fries were OK and salad was a but sad, lightly dressing in a vinegrette.


Whole lobster with side salad and crispy fries.

  • Steamed and finished on the grill, served with a lemon and garlic butter sauce.
  • Good size lobster that is tender and sweet, though you can pay more and opt for a bigger one.
  • Creamy and buttery sauce also helped enhanced the freshness of the lobster.
  • Fries and salad were again, standard.


Great service and atmosphere, with high quality lobster at affordable prices. A good option for friendly catch-ups and casual dining. FRied could have been thinner and crispier, but otherwise a great meal! Will definitely come back to try their burger!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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