Funky Japanese Desserts @Dessert club chikalicious

Address: 204 E. 10th St. (between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave), New York, NY 10003

Contrary to its sister dessert bar, this take out section and less high brow hole-in-the-wall serves cute, and more casual desserts to the masses. Chika Tillman, the magician behind Chikalicious shares with us an extensive list of innovative Asian, fusion desserts. Often sporting a line down the street, and known as one of “THE” dessert spots in the popular neighborhood of East Village, I was very intrigued by Chikalicious. Smells and aroma of baked desserts fill the small space, with an extensive display of dough’ssants and cupcakes at the counter, making you salivate.

This is definitely a place for adults to re-live their childhood experiences and indulge in sweet, guilty pleasures! Though showing impressive presentation and unique flavors, Chikalicious dough’ssants and churro cones were not as tasty as they looked. The churro cones were very dry, though well coated in sweet seasonings (nut and sugar crumble). Topped with vanilla soft serve that had a good taste of vanilla, just was not “wow”. Such a long queue for somewhat mediocre desserts, seemed more like a gimmick compared to its sister dessert bar. Better Japanese desserts can definitely be found in Hong Kong or elsewhere in the city.

doughssaint jhericurl


  • Good glaze on croissant-doughnut, though Dominique Ansel’s Cronuts may be more tasty and fluffy.
  • Nothing special.

Jheri curl

  • Cinnamon sugar Churro cones topped with Vanilla soft serve ice cream, caramel coated inner cone, cinnamon streusel rim, caramel drizzle.
  • A bit dry but great idea and very portable. The Churro cone seemed reheated or old and was quite hard. Vanilla soft serve had great vanilla flavor but did not help the dryness of the cone.

nutty professor nut2

Nutty professor

  • nutella smeared inner cone, brown sugar pecan rim, vanilla soft serve, toasted almonds, nutella drizzle and frosted pecan topping.
  • More like a croissant that churro. Again a bit dry but great idea and very portable. Nutty meringue on top that was not necessary.
  • Nutty professor had great texture from all the toppings, but was a bit over the top. The meringue and ice cream with all the topping just made the whole thing too sweet.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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