Chillaxing lunch @The Modern Pantry

Address: The Alphabeta Building, 14 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1AH


Sitting in the middle of London’s Business district, between Bank and Liverpool Tube stations is The Modern Pantry. Combining a modern sleek interior with Asian and Mediterranean flavors is what Modern Pantry is all about! Its à-la-carte menu is full of fresh, bright dishes, that puts a spin on British classics. Half the ingredients listed on the menu you can’t pronounce (krupuk, amchur, ponzu, etc…), allowing you to anticipate and salivate the possible outcome of these nouveau combinations, just minutes after!

The Modern Pantry, a spacious and sleek space that sits 24, brings diners a great atmosphere, as well as a new take on mundane British classics. It is truly a great spot for light dishes that keeps you on your toes! Innovative cooking and attentive service, Modern Pantry is an eatery that is favorable for nearby office folk, or those who are more adventurous!

 softshellcrab asparagus

Ajowan & Tumeric Krupuk crusted soft shell crab, Singapore style sauce, Thai Basil crest.

  • An interesting interpretation of the classic soft shell crab, with crunchy ‘cornflake’ crumbs.
  • Malaysian inspired dish.
  • Well balanced flavors of spicy, salty and sweetness, with a tangy Asian style BBQ sauce and seasoning with a kick.
  • Fun dish that keeps every bite interesting!

Grilled Asparagus, Pea, Borad Bean, Feta, poached egg, Yuzu hollandaise, dried lime, chilli & sesame salt (right)

  • Light and fresh. Soft poached egg with not too much hollandaise, though Yuzu flavors were a bit lost. Great balance in seasoning of savoury and spicy parika. Good char on asparagus.
  • Overall a great summer dish, with crunchy and creamy elements, and pretty presentation.

monkfish  lamb

Sambar Marsala marinated Cornish Monkfish, fried purple potato, crab & spring onion, squid ink & lemongrass dressing.

  • A Thai and Indian inspired dish, that has spice and sweetness.
  • Well cooked meaty monkfish with innovative dressing that is not too salty.
  • Crab meat adds a different texture, seasoned with authentic Thai green curry flavors.
  • Purple potatoes were soft and sweet, helping cut through all those robust flavors on the plate.

Caraway roasted Lamb rump, pickled beetroot pureé, baby beetroot, radish, wild garlic, cow’s curd. (right).

  • Well cooked, pink lamb but nothing special. Compared to the other fusion options on the menu, this was a rather boring dish. Beetroot didn’t really add much to the dish either.
  • Good gravy that is not too thick, but otherwise pedestrian.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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