A Slice of Paris @ Plat du Jour

AddressUnit 007, Level LG1, Pacific Place,, 88 Queensway, Admiralty


Part of Pacific Place’s new restaurant venture from Dining Concepts, is Plat du Jour. A chic, modern space that emulates Parisian cafés, and sister restaurant to its Quarry Bay branch. Plat du Jour‘s menu is simple with touches of classic French cuisine. Paired with an airy and spacious dining  area, it is the perfect space for a casual lunch and catch up with the girls!

The set lunch menu is at great value, for HK$235 2-course and $275 3-courses! Portions, though may not leave you feeling full if you are hungry.

Overall, a great spot for lunch, with quick and efficient service. If you’re feeling extra hungry, I recommend ordering the burger!

soup nicoise

Lobster Bisque – chives and crime fraîche

  • Creamy bisque that is smooth, with a strong lobster and shellfish flavor.
  • Light and not too heavy or overpowering.

Poached Tuna Niçoise olives, new baby potatoes, haricot vests, soft oiled egg, tomatoes

  • Soft and juicy tuna set on a bed of fresh salad, potatoes and beans, that is lightly dressed in olive oil. Half boiled egg as the centre piece and dressing, to add creaminess!
  • A good salad to start off the meal.
  • Portions are small, only slightly larger than my hand. Though, if you order the burger, maybe just the right sized starter!

 choucroute burger

Choucroute Garnie – pork belly, knuckle and bacon, sauerkraut, buttered potatoes, Frankfurter

  • A typical french dish for sharing, that is usually served in a large pot.
  • Again, a very small portion for a main, with the pork belly barely the size of a tea cake. With sauerkraut dotted around the plate, it certainly does not reflect the generosity of a traditional Choucroute Garnie.

Black Angus Burger (200g) – caramelized onion, beef tomato, Gruyere, truffle mayonnaise

  • Cooked medium rare, juicy and thick, this is the perfect burger!
  • Accompanied by thinly cut, crispy fries and a creamy, truffle mayonnaise. YUM!
  • Definitely, the best value item on the set menu!

apple parfait

Apple Tarte Tartin – caramelized apple, puff pastry, vanilla ice cream

  • Soft and toffee like apples set on a puff pastry disc, with cold vanilla ice cream on top.
  • A good dessert that was not exceptional. Nothing special or memorable.

Chilled Strawberry Souffléstrawberry granita

  • More like a Parfait than a Soufflé, this was creamy but not too sweet.
  • Granita was tangy and a good paring to the creamy chilled Soufflé.
  • An OK dessert, that didn’t have the theatrics of a traditional Soufflé.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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