Blue Brick Bistro – Yoku Moku’s HK Restaurant debut

AddressShop G35, G/F, 200 Queen’s Road East, Lee Tung St, Wan Chai


Yoku Moku, a Japanese-French Confectionary destination, has been a longtime favorite of mine. Its blue bricked Café in Omotosando has always been a “must-go” whenever I visit Tokyo. A concept developed by Mr. Noriichi Fujisawa in the 70’s, Yoku Moku has grown to become an international brand, with it’s first restaurant Blue Brick Bistro opening in Hong Kong!

Concept restaurants like Mercedes Me and Alfie’s at Dunhill in Central are all the hype right now, extending the brand into the food and beverage business. So how does Blue Brick Bistro fair?

Yoku Moku has been known for its delicate cookies and cigars, as well as their cakes and cafés. Sitting above the Yoku Moku store in the popular Lee Tung Street, is Blue Brick Bistro. A bit too clean-cut in comparison to most eateries around the area, but with an air of “modern-Europeanism”. It’s menu is of great value, at ~HK$348 for dinner. Definitely a rare find amongst Hong Kong’s eateries!

Service was slow and very confused, where mains arrived before our starter! Moreover, the server had to ask the manager for the soup of the day. It is evident that Blue Brick Bistro is a new restaurant that needs to refine and build confidence in their service and staff.

Overall, great presentation and concept for dishes but execution is a miss. Servers forgetting to collect cutlery for the previous course, is a big “nono”. Mains were definitely a step up from starters, but were not memorable dishes.

Blue Brick Bistro offers a very affordable dinner for 2, with great atmosphere and enviornment. Worth it for the price, but if you can’t stand slow service and mediocre food, its a miss.

chickenliverpate risotto

Japanese style Chicken Liver Pâte- with miso

  • No Miso taste and simply a standard chicken pate with a very strong liver taste.
  • Bread tasted stale and seemed reheated.
  • The Rock contraption underneath served no purpose as to warm the bread. Gimmick.

Mushroom risotto with Uni and Grana Padang CheeseFresh Japanese Maitake and  Hon-shimeiji mushrooms 

  • Risotto was more like a mushroom risotto with side of Sea Urchin/ Uni. Had a good amount of mushrooms, but nothing special. Should’ve also been more creamy .
  • A pedestrian dish with portions fit for a starter but definitely too small as a main.

scallops pork

Lightly Cooked Hokkaido Scallops and King Prawn – Japanese Pumpkin and Sweet potato with Orange Dressing

  • Scallops and prawns were a very generous size, well seasoned and seared.
  •  Great yuzu citrus cream dressing that was appetizing.
  • Best dish of the evening!

Japanese “Cha Mi Ton” Pork Loinstuffed with spinach and Swiss Emmental cheese in apple curry sauce

  • Pork was a bit dry.
  • Spinach stuffing was well seasoned, with underlying Mediterranean flavors.
  • An OK dish.

biscuits roll

Promotional giftSignature Cigar cookies

  • Always a treat and perfect to dip in that cup of after dinner coffee!
  • Not too sweet, smooth and crunchy.

Minami Aoyama Roll, original flavor

  • Cute dessert with soft sponge that had good colour.
  • Light dish to round off the dinner.
  • Not too sweet, but again, nothing special.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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