Yakitori Galore! @Totto Yakitori

Address251 West 55th Street, New York, NY 10019


Recommended by the likes of Anthony Bourdain and numerous guides such as Zagat, this is definitely my “Go-to” place for Yakitori in the city! Yakitoti Totto is part of a successful empire of Japanese eateries from Ryuichi Munekat, including Yakitori Torys, Aburiya Kinnosuke, Soba Totto, Ramen Totto, that often sports hour-long queues out the door! 

Understated and beautifully authentic, with its menu and decoration, Yakitoti Totto is truly the New York izakaya we have all been looking for! Following the “no waste” philosophy of Japanese cooking, Nose-to-tail eating is seen throughout Yakitoti Totto’s menu; Chicken skin, gizzards, beef, softbones and daily specials. Followed by an extensive list of Sake, beer and fruit wines (e.g. plum & yuzu), and you are set for the evening! A bite of the salty and charcoal infused meat on a stick, a gulp of ice cold beer, paired with a group of chatty friends and BAM! you are instantly transported to Japan.

Yakitoti Totto, like its sister restaurants, offer superior service and quality cooking. Though, in keeping with traditional Japanese flavors unlike many fusion establishments in the city, it still manages to have customers lining out the door!

Highly recommended for all occasions, especially those obessed with all things Japanese!

 Total: 117 usd (+ 2 drinks)

beef hearts

Gyutan- Beef tongue. 

  • Salty, meaty and tender. Cooked medium with great charred flavors. 

Chicken hearts

  • Meaty, crispy and tender. 
  • Part of the Specials that is extremely popular! 
  • Charcoal flavors from the grill also enhanced flavors. 

gizzard chicken

Chicken Gizzard

  • Sandwiched between onions. Salty and peppery, with great char flavor and bite. Onions added sweetness that helped balance the saltiness.
  • The perfect snack to go withbice cold beer! 

-Chicken Thigh. 

  • Tender, savoury with a sweet teriyaki glaze. 
  • Standard staple for an isakaya. 
  • Tender but nothing memorable. 

pork takoyaki

Pork with Scallion and Ponzu

  • Smokey and tender, topped with crunchy scallions and tangy ponzu sauce.
  • Very appetising. And a nice addition to classic offerings in most Izakayas. 


  • Soft and well seasoned with a cube of octopus surprise in the middle!
  • Crispy and cushy in the centre, the perfect Takoyaki. 
  • Great sweet and savoury combination, sprinkled with wood fish flakes to add smokiness.
  • YUM! 

stuffedpepper chickenwings

Tabasaki- Chicken wings

  • Crispy on the outside and juicy inside, followed by  great char flavors!
  • Qualities you are looking for in a grilled chicken wing!

Shishito Tsukune- Japanese peppers stuffed  with chicken

  • Teriyaki glaze adds sweetness to counteract the pulsating spiciness from the peppers!
  • Spicy, with a slightly dry chicken stuffing.

peppers agedashitofu

Okura with Bonito flakes and soy sauce

  • Tangy with a slight smokiness from the generously spinkled Bonito flakes. 
  • Slightly dry but still tasty. Appetising.

Agedashi Tofu 

  •  Thin, crispy skin with smooth tofu. 
  • Tofu not silky enough and dish seemed greasy.
  • Overall, not the best fried tofu in town but notnoffensive either.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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