Jan Jan Kushikatsu-Osaka Yakitori Great in Hong Kong!

Address2/F, 100 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai

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Originally a chain of more than 12 restaurants in Osaka and Tokyo, Jan Jan Kushikatsu debuted in Hong Kong Feburary this year, its first overseas flagship. Introducing Hong Kongers to the Osaka delicacy “Kushikatsu” or fried skewers, this quaint space is located above the popular ‘la Créperie’ in Wan Chai. Head by exucutive chef and Osaka native, with over 10 years experience at Jan Jan Osaka, is Hideki Abeyama. With such great reviews in Japan, it sure pumps up our expectations for skewers at this renowned favourite!

Authentic Japanese vibes and an open kitchen sets the mood of this eatery, with guests able to interact with chefs in action! Jan Jan Kushikatsu seats 35, with 2 private dining spaces that sit 14. It’s menu is diverse, from meats, seafood, vegetables, a few classic Japanese dishes and daily specials. What to pair with all this fried goodness, you ask? But their extensive list of Sake, Beers and Soju, that are excellent accompaniments to any grilled or fried delicacies!

Overall, the classic izakayas that serve grilled skewers are still my favourite, though Jan Jan Kushikatsu can be a good alternative. There was unfortunately, a hint of adaption of its menu and style to meet local tastes. All the skewers lacked seasoning and service was slow at times and confused. The meal was definietly not like its Japan counterparts neither, rather matching the price tag of a higher end restaurant. Not a total let down, but not as good as its hyped to be, especially with Jan Jan Kushikatsu‘s claim to be one of the more authentic skewer joints in town.

Total: HKD768 for 2



Tamagoyaki or Japanese Egg omelette

  • Big portion but tasteless and too moist.
  • The omelette was so soft, it barely held its shape.






fried skewers kissfish

Fried Beef (top right)

  •  Tasteless albeit the crispy coating.
  • Though not as dry as the grilled pork skewer.

Fried Cheese (top left)

  • – good light batter, but nothing special

Fried Octopus- tasteless and nothing special. Simply frying the boiled octopus pieces.Fried prawn – light batter but again nothing special. Traditional tempura prawn a lot better.

Fried Prawn (bottom middle)

  • Great crispy batter, but it ends there.
  • Prawn was overcooked and tasteless. Definitely not worth the HK$25.

Fried Kisu Fish (left picture)

  • Very good, light batter with moist fish that held together.
  • Great fresh and tasty skewer.
  • The best fried skewer of the evening.


Grilled Chicken Wing

  • Best out of all grilled skewers, sticky teriyaki glaze and crispy skin.

Minced Chicken (second to the left)

  • A classic Japanese favorite.
  • Not bad, with a good teriyaki glaze.
  • Definitely better than the yuzu chicken but not as good as the wings.

Grilled Pork (far left)

  • Dry and tasteless.
  • Would have been much better with a glaze or smoked salt element for seasoning and moisture.

grilled skewer veg skewer

Grilled Beef (right)

  • A lot better that its fried version, though under seasoned.
  • Tasted like grilled beef on a hot plate, nothing memorable.

Yuzu Shiso Chicken (special)

  • Great yuzu flavors, paired with shiso leaf. Chicke was under seasoned and didnt taste like much on its own, a bit dry. lucky to have toppings.

Grilled Yam (left on the right pic)

  • Tasteless, no char.
  • May have been a bit undercooked.

Grilled Mushroom

  • Good, with slight soy glaze, but not memorable.
  • On par with what you can find in most Japanese restaurants.


Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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