Al-Aker Sweets Doha- The Best place for Kunafeh in town!


  1. Near Qatar Police, Souq Waqif, Doha
  2. West Corner Centre, Salwa Road, Doha


  2. (arabic)

Al-Aker Sweets, What a great find! As a tourist, it is always difficult to know which is the best or most authentic place for local delights. This Café certainly was! Packed full of locals and tourists alike, everyone was munching on a plate of cheesy, warm Kunefeh! The shop space was also instantly captivating, with large,c colorful plates of desserts on display, ready for you to devour.

Al-Aker Sweets has 5 locations around Doha, with Salwa Road and Souq Waif being the most accessible. Modern interior supplemented by its vast array of arabic and Lebanese sweets, this is the place if you want to sample local desserts.

They also offer gift boxes if you wish to purchase souvenirs. A mix plate of 250 grams is about 60-70HKD/ 8-10USD., and can definitely alleviate those dessert cravings! What I like most about this place, is that the sweets are not overly sweet like most found in supermarkets or everyday bakeries. You can taste the different layers of pastry and nuts, as well as experience the crispy textures!

Come try Al-Aker Sweets out and let me know how it is if you are in Doha!

Baklava baklava2

Othmaliye Bil-Kishta

Baklava (top left and right)

Othmaliye Bil-Kishta 

  • Similar to the Kunefeh with cheese, pistachios and crispy pastry on top

 mix warbat konafe Konafe Birdnest

Warbat (top left)

  • very generous portion that is not too sweet.
  • Crispy with layers of filo pastry and pistachio throughout.

Pistachio and olive oil rollname unknown (green roll)

  • Not great with a very strong olive oil taste.
  • Not sweet and slightly savory, with an oil aftertaste.

Knife Birdnests (bottom and right)

  • Crispy with pistachio in the middle and more pistachios than the original Kunafeh.
  • Bite size making it easier to eat.


Kunafe Nabulsia

  • Similar to the Knafeh, but with a soft top
  • Just as good, not too sweet with generous filling and crispy nuts.

Baklava with Pistachio (middle rectangle)

  • Crispy with layers of pastry and pistachio throughout.
  • Similar to the Warbat and just as tasty!

Kunafeh (bottom)

  • Famous and said to be the best Kunafe in town.
  • Cheesy and creamy on the bottom with crispy topping. A party of textures in your mouth, YUM!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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