Premium Quality and Lip-smacking Beef! @DADAM 다담

Address: M Building B1, Dosan-daero 445, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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Korea is known and proud of their quality beef. Higher-end restaurants usually supply a superior quality product and are often visited by locals for special occasions or simply to experience the NOM! DADAM is one such place, following fundamental beliefs in traditional korean cooking and emphasis on the use of top quality and seasonal ingredients. They have spacious seating with 10 private rooms and a huge dining area; seperated into the dine-in and BBQ section. A concept that is  very attentive to diners with different preferences.

At DADAM, each table has its own exhaust fan, typical of Korea and a much better design than those in Hong Kong! Sporting a Luxurious and “royal” decor; even the exhaust fan was architectural and in chrome! Its earth tones and natural materials put you right at ease, and ready to enjoy an evening of great Korean delicacies!

DADAM’s food centres around modernized traditional classics, appealing to a younger audience and tourists. Their menu offers both à la carte, set lunch and dinners, though I recommend ordering à la carte, as sets have overwhelmingly huge portions! Innovative cocktails are also on the menu, with its concept based on traditional Korean herbs and flavors. Especially good for those who are not fans of soju or beer!

So come visit if you are ever in town, guarantee that you will not leave hungry!



dadum mojito


  • smooth minty cocktail bended with Dadam’s house rice wine (makgeoli) and yoghurt
  • Creamy and smooth, not too sweet with a hint of minty freshness.
  • An appetizing drink that can also calm down the spiciness!
  • Similar to a milder and less sweet version of a lassi.

An DongMojito cocktail with Andong soju and apple wine

  • Great for those who are not fans of rum.
  • A sweeter, lighter version of its western counterpart.
  • Great for the summer.



Complementary Appetizers

  • From the left: dried goji berries, seaweed and rice crackers, dried seaweed chips, prawn crackers.



Royal-style Glass Noodles/ Jap Chae

  • One of my all time favorite Korean dishes.
  • Squishy noodles paired with lots of vegetables, egg and beef.
  • A very colorful and tasty dish, with an abundance of textures to keep you intrigued!



grill salad

Salad accompaniments

  • Romaine, korean lettuce, Shiso leaf Kimchi, onions with black sesame, marinated garlic
  • Free refills and the perfect pairing with the beef!



Korean Rib-eye and Beef Bottom Sirloin Triangle beef

  • Very thickly cut and extremely fresh, just look at the color!
  • Just the right amount of marbling to prevent it from drying out, with deep beefy favors.
  • Grilled on hot coals, giving it a depth of flavor from the smokiness.











Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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