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September, the perfect time for weddings and family holidays; not too hot, though sometimes chilly, you can still enjoy the occasional sunlight. This September brings me to Bretagne or Brittany in France. Flying through Paris was the logical option, and naturally after a 13-hour flight from Asia, you become ‘HANGRY’. Especially with a 3 hour journey to follow, food was priority.

Frenchy’s Bistro seemed like a great choice, between the terminal and train station. Comfy seats were all-round, making our long wait much more enjoyable. French breakfast was on our minds, so obviously we opted for L’Americane; French-american breakfast, but really it was for the bacon. Service was prompt. Baguettes, jam, butter, juice and coffee, the typical French affair. Then came the eggs… Luckily crispy bacon was plentiful, the eggs though was almost too creamy and tasted very much like powdered eggs. Unfortunate.

paris-breakfast lamericane

Our hotel, definitely faired better. Des Ormes Domaines & Resorts was beautiful; a resort with impeccable food, service and lots of activities and restaurants to choose from. Fun for all ages, families and all-types. Rooms were also very comfortable, with exposed wooden beams, referencing old french decor.

What really made it for me though was their fine-dining restaurant L’oie Gourmande; with only one chef holding down the fort, he managed to prepare delicious and top quality food for a table for 14, as well as the rest of the restaurant!

At 25 euros or 250 hkd a menu of 3-courses, it was a STEAL! Never would you be able to find such great quality food at such great prices in Hong Kong!

So here are some of the highlights;



Supions poêlés petits légumes parfumés au pesto

  • mini squid braised with pesto vegetables. 
  • basically squid cooked in tomato sauce and vegetables.
  • Extremely delicious with a slight kick in the tomato sauce.
  • Squids, tender, delicate and paired well with the vegetables.
  • Sauce was also great for dipping!


dos-de-cabillaud lieu-jaune

Bretagne is known for their seafood, and L’oie Gourmande does no wrong here. Perfectly cooked fish that is fresh and tender, almost glides off your fork. Sauces are also well balanced, not too creamy and slightly citrusy to bring out qualities of the seafood!

Dos de cabillaud aux abricots parfumés aux 4 épices douces – left

  • Cod fillet with apricots and 4 sweet spices
  • Buttery cabbage and creamy turnip puree.
  • Cod was beautifully prepared, no bones and doused in a creamy, yet slightly sweet sauce.

Filet de lieu jaune fumé, poêlé d’épinards et crème aux thym citron

  • Smoked Pollock, spinach and lemon thyme cream sauce
  • An interesting dish. Slightly smokey and sweet, yet tender and not rubbery. It was perfectly cooked!
  • Cream sauce was not overpowering or too rich. The sauce enhanced the flavours of both fish and spinach. YUM.

kouign-aman   paris-bresse

Kouign Amann et son sorbet pommes cidrées – left

  • Kouign Amann and apple cider sorbet
  • Some of the best Kouign Amann I’ve ever tasted!
  • Warm and gooey in the middle, rich and buttery, with a crusty shell.
  • You just can’t get better than this!

Paris Breizh (choux chantilly praliné et glace caramel au beurre salé)

  • Choux pastry shells paired with salted caramel ice cream instead of the traditional vanilla. NOM! and who can say no to pastry cream!
  • Definitely a must-try if you come here!

If you ever have the chance to visit, give me a shout! Comments are always welcome!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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