Sushi Kuu VS Ronin Japanese Cuisine

Address: M88 2-8 Wellington Street;  Sushi KUU 1/F, Ronin Japanese Cuisine 6/F ,

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Ronin Japanese Cuisine, not affiliated with “Ronin in Sheung Wan”, sits at the popular M88, with the likes of Sushi Kuu and Espuma.

Both Ronin Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Kuu have similar ideals, where they appeal to the mass market. Refined, unique and innovative Japanese won’t be found here, but does that mean Sushi and other cooked dishes are bad?


Sushi Kuu 

Part of a group that houses Yanikiku and Sushi Sase, it has long been one of the favorites within M88. Serving classic Sushi and Sashimi plates, as well as cooked dishes, its menu concentrates on set lunches and dinners. Great service and beautifully presented set lunches are amongst their many attributes.

Sets are slightly more expensive (at HK$200-500) than Ronin Japanese Cuisine, but of much higher Quality AND Quantity. Decor also seemed more refined.

Ronin Japanese Cuisine

Newer addition to M88, but certainly not affiliated with RONIN in Sheung Wan, where quality is definitely far beyond its twin. Set lunches start at HK$180 – 400, and of much smaller servings than Sushi Kuu. 

Sashimi also seemed to lack variety and freshness. Menu was similar to Sushi Kuu, though more affordable and appeals more to local tastes.

Ronin Japanese Cuisine


3-piece Sashimi Set with Miso Black Cod 

ronin-jp2 ronin-jp3

  • Salad was dressed with a tasty and creamy sesame dressing, served along side Red mushroom miso soup, Conch Ceviche and Japanese steamed egg custard.
  • Tasty and earthy miso soup and a good but standard egg custard.
  • Tuna seemed slightly colorless and lacked taste.
  • Cod was barely the size of my hand and not marinated enough to give a ‘candy-like’ taste and texture.

Sushi Kuu

sushi-kuu1 sushi-kuu2

Assorted Seafood (Sashimi) on Rice – left

  • Vibrant Sashimi that is both tasty and of generous portions. Fresh and thickly cut.

Sea Urchin, Salmon Roe and Toro on Rice

  • A great, more affordable version than the sashimi rice.
  • Toro (Fatty Tuna) and Sea Urchin have always been a match in heaven! Paired together with a light pouring of soy, DIVINE!


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