Fusion Korean @ Jungsik Dang

 Address: 11 Seolleungro 158 Gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


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Molecular Cuisine, trending in Korea and around the world, mixes both Culture and Cusine into one dish. Jungsik Dang’s revolutionary appraoch to classic Korean flavors has earned them 2 Michelin stars and the rating of Asia’s top 10-restaurants. With 2 locations in Seoul and New York, you can surely give them a try!

Modern decor, sophisticated food and great service is what you can expect at Jungsik Dang. Emphasizing on the importance of Korean heritage using traditional ingredients (e.g. Korean herbs), Chef Yim Jung-sik brings together Western Culinary magic and Korean flavors. 

Menu is a 4 or 5 course “choice-menu” or 6-8 course Tasting menu, at around HKD 300-500 for lunch and HKD600-800 for dinner, with the tasting menu at around HKD1000 for both lunch and dinner. Extremely affordable for such high-quality cooking that leaves you with a food coma at the end!

Come try out Jungsik Dang‘s innovative cooking that is almost too beautiful to eat!

Amuse bouche Platter

ab5 ab3

Ume ja– sweet, almost strawberry like. A great palette refresher

Salmon mousse cone (right)– Thin spring roll wrapping with a creamy & delicate salmon mousse. 

ab4 ab1

Foie gras mousse, pistachio – An innovative pairing of Pistachio and Foie Gras, that gave sweetness and nuttiness. Mousse was also very smooth and creamy.

Potato soy cream cheese (right, set on skewers) – Nothing spectacular, though crispy. 

ab6 ab2

Spiced Aioli and Bulgogi coquette- Great interpretation of a Korean classic. The perfect snack that you can’t have enough of! 

Rice ball Gochujang – Less spicy than Traditionally, sat on a mini Perilla leaf to give an extra herbal kick. Very tasty, fresh flavors paired with just enough sticky rice. 

ab7 ab8

Beef ball, mustard, French Baguette Crisp – Almost too small! Extremely tender and tasty with a nice crunch to finish.

Scallop, Chinese Pepper – Thinly Sliced fresh Scallop paired with fennel, anise and a sweet jelly. Refreshing and delicate. 

5 course- Dinner Menu


Octopus, Aioli [No Photo 😦 ]

  • nose to tail dried powder head, aioli with essence octopus poached then fried 
  • So tasty, ate the whole thing before taking a photo!)

Abalone, Kombu, Foie Gras

  • Poached and fried, sauce from liver gonads and radish on top
  • Again, using all parts of the Abalone!

uni tuna

Sea Urchin, Fried Millet

  • Fried quinoa and seaweed rice with Kimchi and Sea Urchin (Uni)
  • Generous portions of Uni, mixed in with the quinoa to give creaminess and sweetness.
  • Definitely highlights the freshness and pays homage to local seafood.

Gojeolpan, Raw Tuna rice

  • Seared Tuna on a bed of spring onion fried rice.
  • Tasty but nothing special. Neither salad or rice.

lobster branzino

Lobster Gochujang Beurre Blanc

  • Beurre Blanc with a kick!
  • Great mix of Korean and french flavors, tender  lobster and creamy sauce.

OK DOM, Namul

  • Namul leaves with dressed in korean chilli oil and crispy Snapper.
  •  White snapper (Jeju Island Fish)Poached then fried using “oil pour over method” , to give an extremely crispy Fish Skin!
  • Smooth and beautifully tender, NOM!


Charcoal grilled Chicken

  • Korean Herb Salad, Wood fire grilled Chicken.
  • Smokey taste and Crispy Chicken Skin, what more do you need!
  • Sesame sprinkled liberally on the herb salad to give extra crunch!

goji pie

Ginger Panacotta, Pear Sherbert & Goji berry sauce

  • A play on French classics, using Korean ingredients.
  • Light and fresh sorbet, with a creamy Panacotta with just a hint of ginger.
  • Great finish to a 5-course meal!

Chongdam Pie

  • Custard, jam and strawberry
  • Great presentation, adding Korean herbs for the fusion element.
  • Mediocre.


Rose of Versaille

  • Blueberry mousse, flower lychee sherbet, cheese cake and meringue.
  • Signature dessert of JUNGSIK.
  • Highly skilled dessert with an intricate presentation.
  • Blueberry mousse is carefully piped into a Rose.  




Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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