Michelin Star Japanese @ Sushi Kashiwaya

Address: 8/F, 18 On Lan St, Central

Designed by a famous Japanese Architect and opened by Osaka Michelin Star Chef Hideki Matsuo, this first overseas branch encompasses tradition, seasonality and innovation.

Great care is given to the interior, and conceptualization of the dishes, where both utensils and ingredients are carefully thought to best represent seasonality and essence of the dish. Kashiwaya’s interior is a modern Japanese vibe, decorated using traditional Japanese materials like hand-printed Washi paper. Utensils (bowls and plates) are sourced personally by chef Matsuo, from Japan for a cohesive and seasonal look.

A restaurant that seats only 18, that features Osaka style Omakase, Kashiwaya definitely will not leave you hungry or disappointed. Chef Matsuo ensures quality and care in each dish, taking into account the entire food experience and journey for the diner.

Kashiwaya definitely deserves Michelin-star status, with exceptional food, service and atmosphere. Those who prefer a lighter option can sample their 7 course Lunch menu that is also lighter on the wallet!

Spring Menu:

Sakizuke Sakizuke2

SakizukeStewed Hamaguri Clam and Fresh Ark Shell. Layered with Bamboo Shoot, Horsetail, Ostrich Fern.

  • Sakura flower and marinated sakura leaf added to fit seasonality. Adds a light fragrance to the dish.
  • Circular vegetable, kokomo, 2 pieces of mini corn, and crisp bamboo paired with sweet clam creates a light and seasonal start to the meal.
  • Light and crisp seafood broth sauces the vegetables to add complexity.


NimonowanLightly poached Rock Trout, simmered with Bonito Stock, Japanese Mugwort Wheat Gluten and Udo root. 

  • Bonito broth with shaved ginger flower, sour plum paste and homemade herbal tofu. That is smokey, sweet, light and tastes of the sea without being fishy.
  • Fish is tender and where flavors were greatly enhanced by the broth. Ume (sour plum) adds a hit of sourness to brighten dish. Color, presentation and taste were all balanced.



Tsukuri– 3 kinds of Selected Sashimi

  • 3 different sauces to pair with respective Sashimi; Konbu, Zuzu vinegar and soy.
  • Squid very creamy, where Konbu sauce adds just enough saltiness to enhance flavors of the Squid.
  • Yuzu vinegar sauce helps brighten white fish.
  • Squid, warabi plant, white fish and fish parcel, with Ankimo liver- very fresh with a slight kick from onions. Liver was earthy and sweet, adding texture to the fish.


HassunStewed Seabream with egg, Ocellated Octopus with Miso Vinaigrette, Japanese Yam simmered with Plum, Broccoli Ball, Grilled Bamboo, Fried Black sugar paste with sesame, Egg omelet, Needle Fish with Egg.

  • A whimsical dish with modern elements. Beautifully presented and a well conceptualized dish.
  • Bamboo braised in soy, Bonito stock braised broccoli ball.
  • Octopus with octopus roe stuffed inside, with crunch and perfectly tender. Miso added sweetness and was very creamy.
  • Needle fish paired with sour egg custard, extremely appetizing.
  • Yam extremely tender but still got texture. Crunchy sesame ball that reminds you of chinese ‘tong yuen’.


YakimonoSignature deep fried Horse Head Fish marinated with salted shrimp. Tempura Fatsia Sprout, Hairy Crab Piccata.

  • A dish that combines French techniques and Japanese traditions. Again, beautifully presented and carefully prepared.
  • Shrimp paste added before frying to add a light salty flavor and earthiness.
  • Egg sauce made from hairy crab stock, creamy and rich, that pairs well with Omelette that is full of crab.
  •  Fish skin, very crispy, and fish sweet,  very soft.
  • Sprout like asparagus, slightly bitter fried in a light tempura batter.


Abalonesig lobster

(extra-left) Signature Abalone- fried sakura leaf, bamboo shoot, white asparagus, lotus root tempura and abalone.

  • Dish paired with a ‘Yin Yang’ of sauces; Egg yolk vinegar sauce/ abalone roe sauce. The first sour and appetizing, the second made with the liver of Abalone, earthy and salty. Both sauces were creamy and extremely tasty.
  • Bamboo braised till tender, crunchy and sweet.
  • Extremely light batter from the fried sakura leaf, vinegar in egg sauce helps cut the richness of Abalone.
  • Abalone was tender and grilled till crispy on top, yum!

Lobster Sashimi (extra)

  • Paired with a sour, radish sauce.
  • Tomato was sprinkled with salt to bring out sweetness.
  • Lobster Sashimi was very fresh and sweet, still with slight crunch.

bowl Hachimono

HachimonoJapanese Whitebait on Deep fried potato, snaps peas and egg.

  • Creamy egg with earthy yam and peas.
  • Clear broth was again full of flavor, light and refreshing.
  • Great winter dish, that is homey and heart warming.



ShokujiGrilled Sea Urchin, thick sauce on rice topped with broad beans

  • generous uni with rich gravy on top. Rice not too sticky or mushy just the right texture where beads are seperated. Sakura flavoured pickled radish. Yum!



Okashi2 Okashi

OkashiJapanese Sweets, Maccha 

  • Herbal and red bean japanese sweets.
  • Interesting addition of japanese herbs and wonderful presentation. A dessert that is not too sweet and traditional.
  • Rich and smooth traditional maccha.



MizumonoJapanese Strawberry Sherbert

  • Smoothie like, tangy and smooth.
  • Great dessert to digest all the wonderful delights enjoyed!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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