Longstanding Dim Sum Joint@ Tsui Hang Village

Address2/F, New World Tower,16-18 Queen’s Road, Central


Part of the Mirarmar Group that has an array of successful restaurants, including French Window under its umbrella, Tsui Hang Village is the epitomy of classic Guangdong Cusine. 40 years experience serving Hong Kong locals and recently revamping their interior, their quality and superior service still remains top notch.

Cool grey walls with turquoise accents set the tone of family comfort, though tables after renovations, seemed cramp. Tsui Hang Village‘s menu also got a make-over, with fresh and modern items added each week. Its new face, though not necessary, was a good move to attract younger clientele and keep-up with current food trends.

As a childhood memory and frequent diner at Tsui Hang Village, its food though leaning toward old school guangdong style cooking, has always been consistenly scrumptious.

What We Ate:

mushroombun morningglory
Crispy Buns stuffed with Assorted Mushroom 脆皮冬菇包(left)

  • Similar to shanghainese panfried buns.
  • Looks exactly like Chinese mushrooms and just as good, if not better than, ones from Tangs.
  • Salty mushrommy and crispy. A good option for those who prefer savory and snack-y type dishes.

Bean curd fried Morning Glory 腐乳通菜(right)

  • Salty with a kick from chillis and earthiness from bean curd.
  • Crispy veggie with a good amout of sauce, that is neither too thick or runny.
  • A Cantonese classic

vegedumpling hagao

Steamed Vegetarian dumplings 素粉果

  • Good transparent, thin skin with generous filling of mushroom, bamboo shoot, carrot and parsley.
  • Full of different textures that is crispy smooth and perfectly seasoned.
  • One of my favourite dim sums here!

Prawn dumpling/ Ha Gao 蝦餃(right)

  • lots of prawn filling with cubes of bamboo shoot running though, adding texture and crunchiness!
  • Crispy and bouncy with a thin wrapper. Some of the better prawn dumplings around!

siumai beef

Siu Mai 燒賣

  • Good mix of textures from prawn pieces and minced prawn, that is bouncy colourful and well steamed.
  • Tiny prawn roe sits on top to add pops of colour and crunch!

Beef ball 牛肉球(right)

  • Tender and again bouncy beef balls with water chesnut and parsley.
  • Not too salty and steamed to just cooked, retaining beef flavor and freshness from the parsley. YUM!

snowbun eggtart

Baked Almond Cream Buns with Bird’s Nest 

  • Cute sweet buns but not much taste and very sweet
  • A good idea, but unsuccessful.

Traditional custard “egg tart” (right)

  • Not too sweet with great flaky pastry and smooth custard.
  • A Cantonese classic and favourite that has been done well.

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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