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ravioli octopus ink pasta fish

Address: 355 W 14th Street, New York, NY 10014 (14th and Hudson)


Since Scarpetta‘s opening in 2008, chef and owner Scott Conant has expanded from New York’s Meatpacking district to include locations in the US and Canada. Known for its Pasta dishes that got them a 3 star review on the NY Times, with numerous bloggers/instgramers recommending this place, I was expected to be wowed by Scarpetta.

Enter and you find a modern, moody atmosphere, almost like a high-end bar. A bit unnecessary for my liking, and you can’t even see who’s sitting across from you; or maybe that was the point? Scarpetta follows the route of modern Italian, fitting the recent trend of lighter, smaller portions. It’s menu is simple, yet promising robust flavors. A good mix.

Of course we had to try their Pasta dishes and a few Italian classics, like octopus, but we were left disappointed. Presentation and service was very good but dishes were pedestrian. Most dishes were over salted and just not that memorable. It is very unfortunate that Scarpetta, starting as one of THE places for Young people and great Pasta, has fallen so far behind.

bread  dips

Dips – Good tomato dip, that is a fresher, healthier option than the normal butter.


  • Bread had ham and pesto sandwiched between, but definitely on the salty side.
  • Good mix of different breads.

 fish octopus

TUNA ‘SUSCI’ – marinated vegetables & preserved truffles

  • Yellow tail was sliced thin, but dressing was too salty.
  • Good mix of crunchy and smooth textures.
  • Whole dish was overpowered by saltiness!

CHARRED OCTOPUS – artichoke, potato, guazzetto & scallion vinigrette

  • Good generous amount of charred octopus. Crispy on the outside and tender inside, that is braised and grilled after.
  • Smokey and crunchy artichoke, fingerling potato with tangy tomato sauce.
  • Addition of celery was unnecessary, and again dish was slightly too salty.

ravioli ink pasta

SHORT RIB & BONE MARROW AGNOLOTTI – garlic chip & horseradish  

  • Good ratio of short rib and bone marrow, with good cheesy flavor.
  • Filling is a soft shredded beef ragu with a hint of bone marrow taste.
  • Overall nothing special. Cheesy parmesan flavors was stronger in some agnolotti, but not in others.
  • Inconsistent.

BLACK TAGLIOLINI – seafood ragout, pancetta & herbed bread crumbs

  • Crispy pancetta, paired with ardent pasta, with a good mix and ratio of lobster, squid and clams.
  • Garlicky, with a spicy kick, but had a very tangy finish.
  • Too much olive oil  was added, pooling at the bottom of the dish and made the dish too wet and slightly oily.


LIMONCELLO SEMIFREDDO– pistachio cake, macerated berries & basil-blackberry sorbet

  • Very dense pistachio cake with a very tangy strawberry compote.
  • Very tasty earthy sorbet but Semifredo  was meh.
  • Semifredo was creamy but was not memorable.
  • Cake had good pistachio flavors but too dense.
  • Again, nothing special though not too sweet.


Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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