Coffee fix @Elephant Grounds

AddressShop C, G/F, 42-28 Paterson Street Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

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Gone is the need for big chain coffee shops like Starbucks, instead is a growing coffee culture in Hong Kong featuring Baristas and Artisanal coffees. You may have heard of fancy names like Ice Drip, Aeropress and Nitro Brew, all techniques to perfect and bring out the taste of the coffee bean.

Elephant Grounds is one such place that combines industrial modern design with artisanal coffee. They support fair-trade and endorse the idea of farm to table in the form of a cup of coffee; from picking the beans to roasting, to brewing the perfect cup! Designed and opened by business mogul and fashion designer Kevin Poon in 2014, Elephant Grounds has expanded its brand to include 3 more shops in Wan Chai, Causeway bay and Aberdeen.

interior2Elephant Grounds Coffee + Kitchen is located in the popular shopping area of Causeway bay, perfect for a quick bite or coffee break to rest you feet! Besides their wide range of alien named coffees, like Black Tie, Piccolo and Nitro Brew, they also have a modest yet modern menu. Fried chicken and octopus, as well as popular sharing dishes like tacos and Donburi sit right at home with Hong Kong’s growing Hipster lifestyle.

Highly recommended for Coffee lovers, brunch and gatherings!


blacktie flatwhite

Black Tie

  • Double (espresso) shot served cold and layered with condensed milk
  • Similar to Vietnamese coffee, with sweet condensed milk at the bottom to offset the strong coffee above.
  • Rich and satisfying, without being too sweet.

Flat White

  • Great quality coffee topped with creamy milk foam that is perfectly poured.

For Coffee lovers, a good brew usually means a strong yet earthy or fruity coffee taste with creamy milk that helps enhance the aromas of Coffee. Elephant Grounds Coffee + Kitchen does just this, taking care in preparing your cup, with sweet, modern and hot/original options. They keep in trend with offerings like Black Tie and Marsala Chai Latte, taking inspiration from Vietnamese and Thai Teas/Coffees, as well as newer brewing techniques like Nitro Brew. Bulletproof may also be an interesting option for those who like that rich, buttery flavor in their Coffee.

octopus corn

Cajun Octopus Kaarage – Cajun Spice, Furikake, Sea Salt, Black Pepper & Chiopotle Mayo

  • Octopus that is coated in a very crispy, peppery batter, served with a smooth and creamy mayo with a kick. YUM!
  • The perfect snack to accompany the strong Coffee flavors!

Mexican Grilled CornCoriander, Shichimi Togarashi Cream & Parmasan

  • Great char on the corn to give a much needed smokiness and bring out sweetness of the corn.
  • Coasted in a creamy, yet earthy Togarashi dressing, as well as a generous sprinkling of salty Parmasan. NOM!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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