Guilt-free Protein Cookies

Craving for that sugar-y fix or have an itch to snack but don’t want to feel like you cheated on your work-out and diet regime? Here’s your solution; Protein Cookies!Takes less than 15 minutes to prepare and cook, this is a sure-win recipe for those health-nuts out there!

Filling, fulfilling and guilt-free sugar-y snacks!

Please feel free to comment and add suggestions for my first recipe post! Happy baking!


Prep Time: 5 mins Cooking Time: 8 Minutes

Cooking Temperature: 180°C/ 356 °F/ Gas mark 4

Makes 5 cookies


  • 1 Quest Bar (any flavor of your choice; S’mores and Chocolate used)
  • Baking Tray
  • Baking Parchment/ Paper

How to:

bars  moulded

  1. Preheat Oven to 180°C/ 356 °F/ Gas mark 4.Cut your Quest bar into 5 equal size pieces.
  2. Form into circular shapes and flatten.
  3. Place each disk on a lined (with parchment) baking tray, leaving 1cm gaps in between (to prevent sticking together).
  4. Place tray in the oven and turn cookies after 4 minutes.

cooked slice

5. Cookies will be ready in 8 minutes!

6. Leave to cool and harden for about 5-10 minutes; enjoy!

Author: foodiejem

Yum Critic that currently resides in Hong Kong. Frequent traveller and foodie that also enjoys sampling dishes from the far reaches of the world!

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